Mike had a big decision to make in Suits‘ “Turn,” and Harvey was determined to make sure he’d take Sean’s deal. With Mike refusing to turn on his cellmate, Harvey hatched a plan to give him time with Rachel, hoping that would change his mind.

Here are the events leading up to Mike’s decision regarding Sean’s offer in “Turn.”

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Harvey Told Mike About Sean’s Offer — and Mike Said No

Suits 604 1.png“This is my only friend in here,” Mike argued. “I’m not gonna betray him.” He suggested that instead of telling him to betray his cellmate, Harvey should help him get parole for Gallo. Also, they didn’t even know if Sean’s plan would work.

Harvey Tried to Buy Time with Sean

He told him Mike needed to see it in writing, but Sean knew that he didn’t go for it. Harvey insisted he’d come around and just needed a few days. Sean agreed, but warned him if he found a way to move forward without his help, there would be no deal and Mike would serve the whole two years.

Mike Told Donna He Wasn’t Taking the Deal

If he did take it and someone found out, he might never get back to Rachel. And if Harvey came there to try to change his mind, he wouldn’t see him.

Harvey Wanted to Go See Mike When Donna Told Him

Suits 604 2.pngShe explained that Mike called her because he knew Harvey wouldn’t take no for an answer. When Harvey wanted to talk to Rachel because “she’s the only one who can convince him,” Donna argued it would tear her apart to find out he wasn’t taking the deal.

“Mike’s loyalty is the reason you’re not in prison,” she reminded him. “That’s what’s killing me, Donna,” he said. “He’s in there instead of me with a guy I put away and I can’t just sit here, doing nothing, when he has a chance to get out.” Well, he had to think of something else because if he told Rachel about it, the life waiting for Mike wasn’t going to be there when he got out.

Harvey Told Sean He Had to Make His Case Directly to Mike

Mike’s a bleeding heart, he said. He had to see the victims. Since no one in the prison could see Sean, Harvey had a plan.

Gallo Warned Mike He Was Going to Get Him Out — or Else

Mike Collapsed in the Yard

Suits 604 3.pngHe immediately thought that Gallo did something to him.

Harvey Showed up at the Prison and Made a Spectacle

After visiting Kevin in his cell, he got into it with Gallo, and the warden put an end to it. However, once outside, the warden wondered how he knew Gallo would take the bait. He’s an animal, Harvey explained.

As for Mike, if his monitor went dark for even a second, the warden would make sure Harvey ended up in a cell too. But Harvey assured him Mike would be back when he said he would — and then he’d make sure he got out of there for good.

Mike Woke up in Harvey’s Car

Sean had the warden and a prison doctor put something in his food. They needed to change his mind about taking the deal and couldn’t do that with him in prison, and this gave him a cover for not being in his cell.

But Harvey Didn’t Take Mike to See Sean — He Took Him to See Rachel

Suits 604 4.pngMike asked if he thought spending time with Rachel would change his mind. “If it doesn’t, there’s something wrong with you,” Harvey said.

When Harvey and Mike Didn’t Show Up, Sean Went to the Office

Sean wanted Harvey to convince Mike to take the deal, and Donna pointed out that Harvey was doing just that: by “reminding him of what he’s missing out on if he doesn’t take [it].”

Though Harvey Came up with Another Reason for Him to Be There, Mike Told Rachel the Truth

“You’re here, so I didn’t care,” she said upon admitting she knew he had initially lied to her.

Sean Showed up to Tell Rachel the Truth to Get What He Wanted — But Mike Came Outside and Said He Was Taking the Deal

Suits 604 5.png
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