There are only two episodes left in this season of Under the Dome and I still find myself in a quandary about one character: Junior. Is he completely bonkers or, now that he’s been revealed as The Fourth Hand, is he just misunderstood? 

Let’s take a look at the evidence on both sides. 

Exhibit A: Junior is crazy

The list of reasons why Junior might be out of his mind is quite extensive. The first time we met the guy, he showed the kind of possessiveness over his girlfriend that was sure to lead nowhere good. Sure enough, by the end of the pilot episode Junior had locked up Angie and proceeded to keep her there until his dad finally let the poor girl out. Even then, Junior continued to be a creep, following Angie around and talking about how he was trying to “protect” her. It was behavior that, hand the Dome not come down on the town, would surely have sent him to jail. 

Exhibit B: Junior is cool 

Just when I began to wonder why this series even had a character like Junior (all his scenes ever did for me was make me incredibly uncomfortable), the show began to hint that there just might be more to this lunatic than we all knew. There was the painting that his mother made before she died (and years before the Dome arrived) – the one of the “pink stars” that seem to be a link to the answers behind the Dome. Then there was the evidence that came to light that proved that he was one of the “special” people connected to the Mini Dome.

If Junior had his first Dome-induced seizure years before the Dome appeared, could it be that his mind is a bit scrambled and the things he says are indeed true? Could it be that he and Angie are indeed connected in a way that she doesn’t grasp yet and that he has been tasked with protecting her by forces they both don’t understand?

What do you think? Have the new developments with Junior’s connection to the Dome convinced you that he’s not as crazy as he seems? Or do you think that he’s a few puppies short of a pet shop, Dome or no Dome?

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Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV