This fall is shaping up to be the season of big guest starring roles on our favorite TV shows. Michael Phelps is set to play himself on Suits, Anna Camp is stepping in as a replacement on How I Met Your  Mother and The Crazy Ones has cast yet another singer to stop by. Read on for all the details, including casting news for The Mindy Project, Game of Thrones, Hawaii Five-0, Revolution, CSI, Bones, Criminal Minds and Two and a Half Men.

Michael Phelps swimming on over to Suits: No, he won’t be in a Speedo during his guest stint when the USA drama returns in the winter — at least, we don’t think he will, but you never know. Instead, he will be playing himself. According to Entertainment Weekly, Harvey and Scottie will have to deal with their “prickly” past as the latter tries to sign the Olympian as a client.

Anna Camp‘s the latest How I Met Your Mother wedding guest: It’s under unfortunate circumstances, though; she’ll be replacing The Office‘s Ellie Kemper, who was previously cast as one of the wedding guests but had to depart because of a scheduling issue. The True Blood star will show up for one episode (though it could be bumped up, considering the season-long wedding format for the season) as Cassie, “one of the most attractive, available and — as Ted discovers — unfortunate guests at [the] big event,” according to TVLine.

Josh Groban to guest star on The Crazy Ones: The new CBS comedy hasn’t even premiered yet, and they’re not afraid to rely on guest stars. First, there’s Kelly Clarkson in the pilot. And now EW is reporting that another singer is set to show up: Josh Groban. His character is Richie, who Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) knows, but she misinterprets what he intends to do and Simon (Robin Williams) has to step in to fix the issue. The casting notice mentions that “In doing so, he gets an idea from Richie that lands a big account for the firm.”

Ben Feldman as a love interest on The Mindy Project: The Mad Men star will appear in multiple episodes during season 2 as a potential boyfriend for Mindy. Executive producer Jack Burditt told TVLine, “He’s an arts and culture writer and a bit of a snob — he kind of looks down on Mindy’s taste. There’s an attraction there, but also a divide between them. She’ll say things, and she has no idea what he’s talking about. [We’ll see] how these two people who are very different can get along.”

Michiel Huisman moving fom Nashville to Westeros: HBO is being very secretive about what character he’s playing on Game of Thrones. We do know this is a recurring role — and that’s pretty much it. But while nothing’s official, sources are telling The Hollywood Reporter he’ll be replacing Ed Skrein as Daario Naharis. If true, there’s no word on why the actor is being swapped out.

Daryl Hannah brings her shady ways to Hawaii Five-0: She’ll guest star in one episode as a realtor. Access Hollywood reports that she not only might be a cougar, but she’s not above making some “off the books deals.”

Zeljiko Ivanek is a scientist on Revolution: The actor, who you may remember from Argo, and who has also appeared on such shows as Heroes, Damages and Big Love, is set to guest star as Dr. Calvin Horn, a “meticulous” and “deeply curious scientist,” according to creator Eric Kripke via TV Guide.

Bethany Joy Lenz follows up Dexter with CSI: But she won’t show up on just any ol’ episode. In fact, she’ll be in the crime drama’s 300th episode, which will also see the return of Marg Helgenberger. TVLine describes her character as a “sexy, seemingly normal-looking mother of two.” Since the episode will include flashbacks, it’s unclear if Lenz will appear in present time or if she’s from 14 years ago.

Chuck Liddell will fight his way onto Bones: The Ultimate Fighting Championship star, known as “The Iceman,” will guest star in episode 4 of the FOX drama this fall as a mixed martial artist known as the “toughest guy in the world,” according to TV Guide. And yes, he’ll get to act opposite David Boreanaz‘s Booth, as he’s connected to the case being worked on in the episode.

Sarah Jane Morris may not make it out alive on Criminal Minds: Why, you ask? It’s because the killer has her lined up as a target, reports TVLine. She’ll make her appearance in episode 6 during season 9. Will she make it out alive? Let’s hope so.

Wonder Woman to the rescue on Two and a Half Men: Okay, it won’t be the superheroine. But the actress who played her, Lynda Carter, will play “a version of herself” on the sitcom, notes EW. In the episode, Alan has the chance to meet her — I’m sure comedy will ensue, considering he’s had a huge crush on her ever since she was on Wonder Woman.

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