When we last saw Castle and Beckett, he asked her to marry him and the season ended. After a long summer, fans will finally find out Beckett’s answer in the Castle season 6 premiere. She’ll respond to his proposal, but as normal nothing is ever easy for the two of them. Are you ready for it?

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Spoiler alert: This article contains Castle spoilers. They don’t give away the huge moments or surprises, but proceed at your own risk.

Beckett Does Give an Answer

“Valkyrie” picks up with Castle and Beckett at the swings after his proposal. I’m not at liberty to reveal what happens. But, do you really want to know? Okay, you probably do, but trust me, you’ll be glad to watch the opening scene unspoiled.

The aftermath of Castle’s proposal plays out in classic Castle-Beckett style! It’s well worth the wait. After they have their interaction regarding the proposal, the episode has a time jump forward two months.

Executive Producer Andrew Marlowe and the writers take an unexpected route after the proposal. The story went in a direction that I didn’t see coming, but they pulled it off. The premiere is unlike previous episodes in format, which allows us to see our favorite characters in a new, yet informative way.

Danger Lurks and Tragedy Ensues

Beware the papaya steaks! Okay, not really. They may not sound appealing to the appetite, but they don’t pose any harm. Though, real and perceived threats permeate the Castle premiere.

Main characters have quite a few life threatening moments. What happens? Someone is shot multiple times. A person gets in a car crash. There’s an abduction at gun point. And, the premiere ends with someone’s life seriously at risk.

Curiosity Killed the Cat Castle

When Beckett is working on a secret national security case, Castle’s curiosity gets the better of him and he works the investigation on his own. That leads him to interfere with what Beckett’s doing and causes trouble for both of them.

Though, his meddling does save him from the papaya steaks that Alexis’ fruitarian boyfriend has prepared. I’ve never had a papaya steak, but he probably would have preferred that cozy, yet awkward family dinner instead.

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Castle season 6 premieres on Monday, September 23 at 10 pm ET on ABC.

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