On tonight’s Under the Dome, Barbie will risk his life looking for Sam by going down into the abyss. During San Diego Comic-Con, Executive Producer Neal Baer spoke with reporters and provided some insight into what happens to Barbie, Melanie’s importance, the power struggle between Julia and Big Jim, and promised that one character will get out this season.

Someone Gets Out

“At least one of our characters gets out,” said Baer and then he referenced a clip shown during the Under the Dome panel. In the scene, Barbie, Julia and Rebecca are in the tunnel and he attempts to rappel down the cavern.

 Julia and Rebecca try to pull him back out, but they don’t have the strength and the rope is giving out. Instead of putting the women at risk, Barbie cuts the line and falls into the pit. Does he die?

“He’s either dead or someplace else,” teased Baer. “You find out right away. The same episode, it’s pretty shocking. It’s pretty great.”

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Melanie’s the Key

We don’t know much about Melanie, but she’s likely the key to understanding the Dome and what’s going on. Baer said, “Melanie is the connection from the past to the present, from the inside to the outside, and in many ways will link everything together.”

In episode 9, we will learn “a lot about the mythology,” and episode 10 will be a “turning point.” These two episodes will provide many answers, including about Melanie. 

Power Struggle Continues

Big Jim’s been left to take control in town while Julia deals with the situation in the tunnels, but that doesn’t mean the power struggle between the two is over. “The power struggle between Big Jim and Julia comes to a head,” said Baer.

“And Barbie is in the middle until he falls to his whatever. So he’s out of the equation, then it’s the two of them. It’s pretty interesting how the show kind of takes on this very interesting course between Julia and Big Jim  in the middle of the season.”

Eriq La Salle Guest Stars

In episode 10, Eriq La Salle shows up as a character who will interact with Junior’s mother, Pauline. It will be his on-screen reunion with ER co-star Sherry Stringfield. Baer said that La Salle’s character will help “launch the last part of the season.”

Under the Dome airs on Mondays at 10pm ET on CBS.

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