The dust has barely settled on American Idol‘s Texas auditions and already two of the golden tickets may have been yanked. According to Pegasus News the first to fall was Akron Watson.  Akron showed up with his cousin to audition for American Idol,  after his cousin’s pitiful audition, Akron poured it on, having to burst into a second song to seal his place on American Idol.  Within hours of getting his golden ticket, however, Akron’s chance for Hollywood was retracted.  Since then a second golden ticket may have been revoked in the personage of Ashlyn Carr.  Read on for all the sordid details about what may, or may not, have cost these two Texans their chance at fame and fortune on American Idol.
According to Pegasus News Akron has yet to be given a definitive reason as to why his invitation has been revoked, but American Idol insiders claim that it might have a lot to do with a pot bust on his wrap sheet.  This would seem almost hypocritical since Taylor Hicks had similar problems midway through season five and was ultimately left on to later win American Idol.

The second Texan that may going down is Ashlyn Carr. RealityTV Magazine did a little digging and found that prior to her sterling American Idol audition the Sugarland native was arrested for dumping sugar into her ex-boyfriends gas tank.  That kind of vindictive behavior usually does not endear American Idol producers.  Thus far, however, Ashlyn has not been removed from the American Idol roster, but the announcement could come at any time.

The fate of contestant Sean Michel (his Myspace is here) is still unknown after rumors circulated he had been cut from American Idol for refusing to trim his hair.  On the show, the judges derided him for being a Fidel Castro look-alike, but his rendition of a Johnny Cash tune was enough to over-power his Cuban dictator stylings.  If Michel has been cut, he would be one of the first known to be cut from American Idol for an image related reason.

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