The often bashed LOST Experience of last summer could not have ended with a more open ending leaving LOST fans everywhere with the certainty that a new LOST experience would follow the finale of LOST Season Three. A disturbing new development in Portland, Oregon may hold the answer… or does it?

One thing that haunted the Lost experience was the constant fan interference.  Zealous LOST fans constantly inserted themselves into the mythology of the game by creating their own sites which seemed like they could be part of the game.  By the time the game ended, that number had reached the hundreds.  Most failed to capture LOST fans attention, some were on the fence up until the very end.

A recent article on Oregon Live started LOST fans with the hope that another LOST arg might be in lift off mode when a fictional company from the February 7th episode of LOST, Not in Portland, spawned a web presence.  A web presence with an ominous counter.  The site,, and the company Mittelos Bioscience immediately activated the anagram decoders genetically coded into the most stalwart of LOST fans… did you know it comes out as Lost Time?  Hmmm.

Alas, however, it would appear that this is little more than one of those attempts by a clever LOST fan, one with the drop on the network none-the-less, to insert him/herself into the shows mythology.  There is, unfortunately, no game a-foot here.

In fact, just a few weeks back Entertainment Weekly’s resident LOST nut, Jeff “Doc” Jensen shared the murmerings he had heard that there would in fact be no sequel to The LOST Experience,  at least not this summer.

It truly is a shame as the LOST Experience at times bordered on genius, and for all of its failings it would have been interesting to see what the team would bring back to the table.  If LOST in general is known for anything it is the lengths at which the creative team will go to keep their thumb on the pulse of the fanbase.  LOST producers and writers actively seek to alleviate any concerns that LOST fans may have, to a degree that some might consider foolhardy.

Of course, having been one half of the team that chronicled the entire game at,  I can tell you straight up that the game had an impact on peoples loyalty to the show which was probably a bit more sever than the producers would have liked.  The LOST Experience was meant as an extra, non-required piece of the LOST-verse and instead many fans invested their loyalty to the show in the outcome of the game.  The debate over the impact of the game has been argued at every depth, but it is not hard to see why the producers wouldn’t want to repeat that part of the experiment, for sure.  Get it wrong, lose viewers… who needs that stress?

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