According to RealityTV magazine American Idol producers may have already made their first cut in the person of Sean Michel, the Fidel Castro look alike that floored the judges in Memphis with his powerful performance of Johnny Cash’s ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’.   Read on to find out what it was American Idol‘s powers-that-be allegedly had issues with.

Apparently, American Idol producer’s went to Sean Michel concerning his unsettling resemblance to the Cuban dictator and asked him to cut his beard and hair.  When Michel told American Idol‘s peeps-in-charge that the haircut was a no-go,  they promptly showed him the door.

RealityTV Magazine contacted the American Idol hopeful to try to confirm the firing but he cited his confidentiality agreement, an American idol standard at this stage in the game, and would only go on record as saying he still had his signature hair and beard.

Now, the real question is, would American Idol have the gall to do this?  There have been many rumors over the past of American Idol contestants being pressured by the producers to make certain changes, most notably Taylor Hicks and the AI producers campaign to dye his hair.  More recently, former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson publicly claimed that Idol producers were mentally abusive to contestants and amounted the prep for airtime as ‘brainwashing’.

Sidelining a contestant for refusing to cut their hair may be a horrible PR move for American Idol, which has seen some of the more unlikely physical configurations gaining popularity on the show over recent years.    Such a move would give viewers the idea that claims that it is the producers who choose the winners and decide who will have a fair shot at the American Idol grand prize, are dreadfully true. 

With Michel staying true to his American Idol confidentiality agreement, there is only one way to find out if the rumor is true… wait until next week when the actual competition phase begins to see if Michel is still in the running.

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