LOST is finally returning and BuddyTV has the scoop on what is coming in ‘Not in Portland’ and beyond! Can you believe a LOST / Star Wars connection? And which LOST character is going to be seeing a lot of time on video game consoles this summer?
First up, LOST Not in Portland. I have seen the episode and will be writing a review shortly. It was extraordinary. LOST fans looking for a big return will be happy to know that Not in Portland delivers. I was slightly disappointed by the continuing lack of beach folk, but assurances are that after three episodes, Alcatraz is a thing of the past. This is especially interesting since episode eight of LOST, which airs February 14th, titled ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes” is a Desmond centric episode and is rumored to not feature the alcatraz island at all. So in this case, there is really only one more episode that takes place on Hydra island and that is ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, a Jack Episode, that airs February 21st. Back to LOST Not in Portland. I have the power to spoil the entire episode, but I’m not going to do it. Instead, I’ll give a few high points you may have not heard about anywhere else. 1. The episode begins with Juliet back in the ‘world’. She is apparently part of a renowned fertility team, along with her obsessive and oppressive ex-husband. She is quite the opposite of our fist slinging, tough as nails Juliet. Ethan shows up later to recruit her for a job in Portland… (guess what… it’s not ‘In portland’) the question of whether or not this is all Dharma related IS addressed if you play close attention. 2. Ben wakes up during the surgery. CLASSIC Black humor. 3. Kate and Sawyer are forced to take a side mission if they want to escape the island. that’s all I’m giving you, and believe me it is NOTHING. There are moments in the episode that rival some of the high points of the story… I’m talking finding out that Locke was paralyzed, the Hatch map… you get the picture. Moving on. Let’s jump WAY into the future. Episode 14 to be exact. This is where LOST and Star Wars collide in the guise of one Billy Dee Williams. Yes, Lando himself has signed on for a guest starring role as a charismatic ‘other’. The episode also promises plenty of action as Locke, Sayid, Kates, and possibly others, locate the ‘Others’ village in a bid to rescue Jack. But does he want rescuing? A picture taken from afar shows a rather cleaned up Jack taking a stroll with Mr. Friendly and Juliet.

In other less spoilerly news, LOST star Josh Holloway will be appearing in the video game Command and Conquer three. Holloway is featured in the live action cut scenes. More information on that can be found Here. Remember LOST returns on February 7th at 10pm est! Be there or be a Dharma bajura!

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