Charlie Sheen, the star of CBS’s Two and a Half Men, is debating whether to narrate a controversial documentary about the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks.  The documentary, entitled “Loose Change”, is a look at a somewhat popular conspiracy theory that, among other things, claims that the terrorist attacks were an inside job perpetrated by our own government.  Touchy stuff, obviously, but the history of Loose Change is a long and interesting one.

Unlike most conspiracy theories, the ones found in Loose Change have gained significant backing from people all over the globe, and it has achieved as much legitimacy as a hugely controversial (and almost certainly false) theory can probably hope to get.  The film is hoping to get a nationwide theater release in September of this year, and that is the version which Charlie Sheen may end up narrating.  The film has gone through a few editions, each time altering facts and arguments.  Sheen is waiting for the newest version and, if he approves, Sheen will head to the audio booth. 

It was recently reported that Sheen had backed out of the project completely, but the actor was quick to refute such claims.  He recently issued a statement that read:

“I await the newest version to be presented to me, at which point I will make my decision to participate (or not) based on the film’s content and merit.”

The question is this: Will there be any backlash for the actor if he eventually chooses to narrate “Loose Change”?  Probably not.  Regardless of what some talking heads may claim, there isn’t a whole lot of harm in a Hollywood actor supporting some far-fetched conspiracy theory.  Sheen’s involvement might rub a lot of people the wrong way, but it’s still more innocuous than, say, an actor like Tom Cruise espousing the merits of a fraudulent organization like Scientology.  

What do you think?  Should Charlie Sheen narrate such a controversial film?  Is it a bad career move?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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Oscar Dahl

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