Things have been eerily quiet on the So You Think You Can Dance Twitter front, which has had me a wee bit worried this Twitter thing is a fad or a flash in the pan. I kid, I kid — Twitter’s going to live forever. ..Or at  least until the next big internet buzz comes along.

Since our last Twitter Tracker and Translator, only Shanks has been staying active on the Twitter-Verse. But seeing that he’s hopping around between the twenty or so movies he seems to be producing, very few of his Tweets have been SYTYCD related. Besides that, it’s been pretty quiet. Not a peep from Mary Murphy and only a few eloquent tweets from Lil ‘C’ letting us know why he’s not tweeting. Because I know you’ve all been missing his buccness, here’s a little taste of those linguistic charms you’ve been longing for: “Jus climbed out of a vicious coma!!! pheel like I’ve been out for days, lol!!! Sorry tweepz, the kings buccness needz it’s beauty sleep, lol.” Apparently it takes a lot of beauty sleep to look like Ludacris’ twin.

Thankfully before I went in to a full on Twitter-Withdrawal, Nigel Lythgoe, Mr. DizzyFeet himself, decided to return to the Twitter-Verse and dose us with his bursts of 140 character wisdom. Phew! All is right in the world, Twitter isn’t a fad, and DizzyFeet is still feeling a bit underwhelmed by Season 5’s star power. Before his Twitter Hiatus, Nigel’s last tweets were about how much he disliked Phillip & Jeanine’s Russian Folk Dance. Nigel was tweeting this last Monday, where it seemed his mind was clearly made up on the routine and quite possibly Phillip’s elimination. Nigel’s return to the Twitter-Verse hasn’t been quite so cranky, though we hope he brings back those smarmy British sensibilities soon. Without further ado, we welcome Nigel back to the Twitter-Verse and get to translating.

Nigel’s first Tweet Back from this morning:

“Sorry I haven’t Tweeted. It was a helluva birthday. If I’d have known I was going to get this old I would have taken better care of myself.”

Twitter Translator:

Nigel loosened that tie and unbuttoned his well tailored suit to expose the salmon oxford clad party animal that he really is! Also, hangovers suck much worse when you are 60 and you’d spent the evening with a tipsy Mary Murphy. Does anyone else get visions of Austin Powers when thinking about Nigel’s big birthday bash? I do:

That certainly puts a whole new spin on Swinging 60’s, ‘eh?

After that, Nigel get’s to tweeting about tonight’s performance show. Nigel’s especially happy to have former So You Think You Can Dancer Travis Wall back tonight to choreography a contemporary routine. (Spoilers say the routine is dance by Jeanine and Jason.)

“You have to know that I was open- mouthed at the end of Travis Wall’s routine tonight. Brilliant, challenging and aesthetically beautiful.”

“To see a SYTYCD alumni grow into an artistic choreographer is so fulfilling. I predict Travis Wall will become a major force in this Country”

Twitter Translator:

There’s a treat coming for us tonight in the form of a Travis Wall routine. Nigel can’t help but feel like a proud Papa when his SYTYCD alums succeed. Which let’s face it, is part of what makes So You Think You Can Dance so endearing. Though, I imagine Nigel tweeting this with one hand, while the other pats himself on the back.

Nigel saved the last, semi-juicy tweet for last:

“I am basically very happy and I know we have a very strong top ten, technically! But I think there are a few who don’t have star quality?”

Twitter Translator:

Translated in a single word: Duh.

In all seriousness, it seems Nigel is starting to see what we’ve all been commenting on for weeks. Season 5 is chalk full of technically stunning dancers, but the stars are few and far between…if they’re there at all. As you’ve all been saying, no one jumps out or pulls at your heart strings the way stars have from previous seasons. Nigel’s tweet should also come with a P.S. “Sorry about pimping Kayla so hard, you’re right, she’s technically beautiful, but painfully dull.” 

The real question is, who else does Nigel think lacks “star quality?” You know, other than almost all of them.

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–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Abbey Simmons

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