Just last week we talked about Ryan Seacrest‘s negotiations to stay as American Idol‘s host, and how those negotiations have been seemingly overshadowed by all that talk on whether Paula Abdul or Kara DioGuardi is returning, or whether Simon Cowell is really getting a hundred million dollars to stay as judge.  Which means reports that the ubiquitous television host is getting a big pay raise has been overshadowed, too.

Well, Ryan is indeed staying on as host of the show for three more seasons, and he’s really getting a huge pay raise.  Thrice as much as last year’s, in fact.
The new deal with 19 Entertainment makes Ryan possibly the richest reality host ever.  The deal, which lasts until 2012, sees him get $15 million a year, thrice as much as his $5 million earnings last year.  That’s around $300,000 straight to his pocket at the end of each episode.  As previously reported, the new deal also sees Ryan working with Idol creator Simon Fuller in developing new shows.

“Ryan is an essential ingredient to American Idol‘s success, and I am so happy that we will continue our relationship beyond Idol into the future,” Fuller said in a statement.  “Ryan is, without a doubt, one of American television’s most talented stars.”

“I’m truly appreciative of being part of a show that has had such an enormous impact on popular culture across ages,” the host added.

And it keeps Ryan busy, too.  Of course, he’s still heading E! News, hosting his internationally-syndicated radio shows, producing reality shows–and, if you’ve noticed, he’s still plugging Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.  You should’ve seen his Twitter page.

Anyway, now that Ryan’s a done deal, 19 Entertainment can now focus on the fate of the judges.  We reported that Paula’s optimistic about her return to the show, since she’s been invited to Idol’s ninth season next year.  There’s no word yet about Kara nor Simon’s return to the show.  As for Randy Jackson, which we haven’t heard from for ages?  Apparently he’s still got one year under contract, so that’s one less problem.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Hollywood Reporter, TVGuide.com
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