After watching 12 episodes of True Blood last season, we were left with several cliffhangers to chew on. But among all the puzzling questions, perhaps the most intriguing one is the mystery behind Bill’s abduction. Who kidnapped Bill and why? That’s all part of the appeal of True Blood‘s third season, which will probably kick off next fall around the same time it did this year. For now, I’m toying with four possible suspects.

Warning: This article may contain possible spoilers so proceed at your own risk.


Obviously, Eric has some beef with Bill, making him the most conspicuous suspect for Bill’s disappearance. While his infatuation for Sookie may be his primary motivating factor, it may also be his way of dealing with Bill for discovering that he’s dealing vampire blood. On the other hand, leading the audience to think that Eric took Bill is exactly what the show is gunning for so I’m inclined to believe that it’s someone else.

Queen Sophie-Anne

Bill may have learned that Eric is dealing with vampire blood but he has yet to uncover that it’s Queen Sophie-Anne who secretly ordered the shady task. Maybe kidnapping Bill is her way to preserve that secret. Still, I can’t really picture Queen Sophie-Anne as the actual perpetrator.  

Reverend Steve

After how things ended with the Fellowship of the Sun, I wouldn’t be surprised if Steve and his vampire-hating followers are behind Bill’s abduction. Not only is he trying to rid the world of one less vampire, he’s also possibly trying to get back at Jason by hurting Sookie.  


I almost forgot about Lorena, Bill’s maker and former lover. Among all the suspects, she’s the one with the most motive to hurt Bill, and consequently, Sookie.  And after being publicly humiliated since Bill chose Sookie over her, she may have found her sweet revenge by kidnapping Bill just before Sookie accepts his marriage proposal.

Who do you think kidnapped Bill? Is there someone else in Bon Temps holding a grudge on him? Is it a vampire, a human or possibly a werewolf? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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