True Blood moved the needle pretty far in terms of the show’s mythology this week with Sookie’s magical dreamland full of shiny, delicious water. What was this place, who is Claudine and more importantly, what is Sookie Stackhouse?

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SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the True Blood books.

In the books, Sookie is a fairy, which explains her lack of a blood type and glowing microwave fingers. The magical happy place she visited was full of other fairies. Claudine, the woman who guided Sookie through the fairy land, is Sookie’s fairy godmother in the books.

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It’s unclear how long True Blood will wait to reveal these facts, but it seems fairly obvious that the show is definitely going down the fairy path. It also works with the digging Bill has done into Sookie’s family tree, as her great-grandfather in the books, Niall Brigant, is a fairy prince.

Niall is the origin of all the family tree drama. His son, Fintan, impregnated Adele because her husband could not and they had two children, Corbett (Sookie and Jason’s father) and Linda (mother of Hadley, Sookie’s cousin who Eric feasted on to get her secret). In addition, in the books, Niall is also the grandfather of Claudine.

All of this genealogy plays a big role in the later True Blood novels, so it’s nice to see that the show is moving full steam ahead with the wonderful world of fairies.

Hopefully Alan Ball will add his own spin on the world Charlaine Harris created and provide some new twists and turns to throw off anyone know already knows what happens in the books.

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