Something truly amazing happened this week on True Blood. Multiple storylines intertwined and two of the most annoying plots (the Ifrit and the Shifter Killings) get wrapped up. It looks like the endgame of season 5 might just make up for how disjointed the rest of it has been.

Meet the Dragon

Sookie calls in Lafayette for clues about Worlow, but instead he gets a message from Gran leading her to a new clue about her parents’ murder: Bud Dearborn. The former sheriff found their bodies, although I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe Sookie never knew about this since it’s literally the first sentence of the newspaper article about their deaths.

Anyway, Sookie goes out to see Bud, but reading his mind she senses something is wrong and he’s trying to drug her. That’s when his fat lady friend Sweetie knocks Sookie out and locks her up in a pig pen. Why?

Well, while all that was going on, Andy and Jason figured out that Bud Dearborn is possibly the leader of the Obamas thanks to his very recognizable square dancing boots. So Bud is involved in the shootings and Sweetie is the Grand Dragon, the KKK-style leader of these supe-haters.

Bud and Sweetie try to feed Sookie and Hoyt to the pigs. I’m gonna assume this is an awesome shout-out to Deadwood, which William Sanderson (Bud) also starred on. In Deadwood, Mr. Wu would often dispose of bodies by feeding them to his pigs.

Luckily one of the pigs is Sam who rescues Sookie and beats up the Obamas, all while totally naked. Any and Jason show up just in the nick of time to shoot and kill Bud, thus bringing an end to the Shifter Killings.

Thank God it’s over, and I’m very pleased they brought several storylines together to do it. Now that this is done maybe we can get back to the faerie stuff.

Eric’s Vampire Rebellion

Eric wants to bust out of Authority headquarters, but they need a chancellors blood. He recruits Molly (who continues to be the best addition to the cast this season, as far as I’m concerned) and tries to get Bill to steal Salome’s blood. When the time comes to flee Eric knocks Nora out to force her to come with him and turn on this Sanguinista movement, but here’s a pretty big problem.

Bill ratted Eric out to Salome. It seems Bill has really turned to the dark side following the successful implementation of his “Blow up the Tru Blood factories” plan.

Terry vs. Patrick

The dead Iraqi woman said one of them needs to kill the other to escape the ifrit. So Patrick kidnaps Arlene to use her as leverage. But Arlene stabs him, giving Terry the upper hand in their fight. Patrick tries to get Terry to do the right thing, and when the dead lady shows up, Terry does something quite unexpected: He kills Patrick. I did not expect this to be the resolution to the ifrit storyline, and I’m kind of disturbed that Terry just shot a man in cold blood, even if it was to protect his family. But as long as this plot is done, I’m happy.

Steve’s New Pet

Steve Newlin and Russell Edgington are the best new couple and Russell takes his new Talbot to see his werewolves. Yes, the vampire storyline and Alcide’s pack are ALSO intersecting. And Steve falls in love with Emma, Luna’s werewolf daughter, that Russell gives her to him as a pet. Uh-oh, Luna just beat the crap out of a woman for shooting at her daughter, now she has to deal with vampires? She’s gonna go full-on Ashley Judd in Missing.

Teenage Werewolf

Finally, Alcide goes home to visit his dad now that he’s been abjured. We get a flashback to teen Alcide and ten Debbie’s initiation into the pack, which is basically like the Tracy Jordan song “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” (“Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves!”)

Next week on True Blood: With only three episodes left, it’s all about Bill’s maniacal rise to power as a true believer in Lilith, and he’s threatening Eric’s life.

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