“What is with the egg? Did you lay it?” Sookie asked Maryann in last night’s True Blood finale. It’s the most odd and baffling mystery in the entire season but sadly all we got was an underwhelming answer: It’s an ostrich egg that represents fertility! At least, it wasn’t some kind of sci-fi alien-related explanation, right? Still, the season ender wasn’t without the show’s typical bizarre antics.

Picking up right were the last episode left off, “Beyond Here Lies Nothing” began with Lafayette joining the egg party Tara and Eggs set up. Sookie, who was just as puzzled as the viewers, tried to get Lafayette to snap out of Maryann’s spell but ended up getting naked upon Lafayette’s order. She’s then forced to wear a white sacrificial-looking gown just in time to attend Maryann’s wedding, where she served as her maid of honor. Before the highly anticipated ritual, however, we got some sort face off between Sookie and Maryann, who hinted that Sookie is “beyond human” or whatever that means and that she’s being held captive as bate for Sam— the only missing ingredient for her bloody nuptials. And just as Maryann had planned, Bill turned in Sam in exchange for Sookie, unknown to Maryann that it’s all part of plan to take her down.

Bill’s solution was simple though I admit that I never really guessed it spot-on. Sam was forced to offer himself and allowed Eggs to stab him with a knife before sucking Bill’s vampire blood to heal and shape shift into bull that posed as a god to Maryann before destroying her. Sure it was a pretty clever move but I expected a lot more after witnessing a suspenseful season full of odd twists and turns. Perhaps an epic showdown between Sookie, Sam or Bill versus Maryann would have been more appropriate.

The cliffhangers, though somewhat predictable, firmly set up next season’s arc, making it even more difficult for us fans to endure several months of waiting. Sam is sure to embark on a season-arc quest to find his real parents, Sookie, who must be feeling guilty for not accepting Bill’s marriage proposal right away, will be looking for Bill’s kidnapper (whom I suspect is a vampire though not Eric as that would be too obvious), Tara will probably seek revenge for Egg’s death, while the reason behind Queen Sophie-Anne’s vampire blood business is likely to be explored.

Stray observations:

  • As the maid of honor, Sookie has to lick the ostrich egg, which I though was gross and funny.
  • A random bar patron saying, “God bless who made those jeans. I’m serious. I’d wear him like a scrunchie,” about Sam.
  • I love seeing Lafayette in a white grown as part of Maryann’s bridal entourage.
  • My favorite quote so far: “I’m a waitress. What the f*** are you?” – Sookie, to Maryann

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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