Touch marks the TV comeback of Kiefer Sutherland and Tim Kring after entertaining viewers with popular shows like 24 and Heroes respectively. Kring, who created the science fiction NBC series, will serve as the brains behind the new preternatural FOX drama while Sutherland, who became a household name as Jack Bauer on the action-drama series, returns as a widower struggling to raise his mute son.

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What to Expect from Touch Season 1

On the surface, Touch appears like your typical drama series. Martin Bohm (Sutherland) takes the spotlight as a single dad who wants nothing more than to connect with his mute 11-year-old son, Jake (David Mazouz), who expresses no emotions and never allows himself to be touched, not even by his own father. But there’s more to Jake than meets the eye. He’s actually a genius with an ability to see patterns in numbers and the ability to connect seemingly random events.

As the father-son relationship of Martin and Jake unfolds, Touch season 1 also focuses on a group of seemingly unrelated characters including a former firefighter, a singer and a businessman who all apparently affect each others’ actions in more ways than one.¬†

Touch also stars Danny Glover as Professor Arthur DeWitt, an expert on children with special capabilities, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as social worker Clea Hopkins, Roxana Brusso as Sheri, the director of the facility that Jake attends and Karen David as aspiring singer Kayla Graham.

Touch season 1 premieres on March 19, 2012. Meanwhile, you can catch the special series preview airing on Wednesday 9/8c on January 25 on FOX. 

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