Praise the angel formerly known as God! According to TVLIne, Misha Collins will be coming back to Supernatural towards the end of season 7, first coming back in episode 17 and again for at least two more episodes.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean Castiel is back. Apparently he might not be back as the same angel we know and love. However, Misha Collins coming back in any form is good enough.

Castiel was last seen wandering into the water, possessed by the Leviathans, and exploding, leaving nothing but his signature trenchcoat.

How could he possibly come back? Here are my initial theories:

God Brings Him Back: God (who, as far as most fans and myself are concerned, is named Chuck Shurley) has intervened to bring characters back to life in the past, so maybe Castiel’s work is not done yet and he’ll make a miraculous recovery.

Flashbacks or Time Travel: Supernatural occasionally relives past adventures, so maybe Cas will be back as we see more of whatever he used to do. Or, given Supernatural‘s fondness for time travel, Sam and Dean could go back on their own timeline and encounter a Back to the Future, Part 2-style interaction with themselves and Cas.

The Return of Jimmy Novak: Instead of bringing back Castiel, maybe his vessel, the AM radio ad salesman, will be granted a reprieve and we’ll get to see the normal, human side of Misha Collins.

Hallucinations: Sam has suppressed the images of Lucifer for now, but the fact that Sam has seen dead people before could mean that he loses control of himself towards the end of the season and starts seeing Cas.

How would you like to see Misha Collins return to Supernatural? And to celebrate his return, be sure to enter our Holiday Trivia Contest for a chance to win a DVD signed by Misha Collins.

Source: TVLine
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