Ed Helms has no shortage of projects to be proud of.  A huge hit with The Hangover 2, the hilarious comedy Cedar Rapids, and of course, his hit NBC series The Office.  I caught Helms just as he was starting to munch on appetizers and we discussed his ideas for another installment of The Hangover and the pain his character on The Office endures regularly.
First of all, I just wanted to thank you for talking to me!

Ed Helms:
My pleasure.

I also have to say that your Sweeney Todd musical episode last year was awesome!

Ed Helms:  I’m very touched by that, thank you.  I’ve been told that that is our Emmy submission too, which is very gratifying, I mean, that we’re nominated now.

That’s great!  Big year for you with the Hangover 2, another great year at The Office.  What are you looking forward to in the upcoming year? 

Ed Helms:  I am just so psyched to be getting back to The Office.  We’re really at this kind of rebirth stage for the show and that is insanely exciting.  We’re defining the path forward for The Office.  A post-Steve Carell era, if you will.  And that opportunity doesn’t come along very often in television, to sort of reinvent something.  We have such a strong foundation, such an incredible ensemble and I’m so proud to be a part of it.  It’s just going to be a hell of a lot of fun!

Did you think your character (Andy) was going to be sticking around?  Because he started at the other office and now he’s stayed and infiltrated Scranton when a lot of other people from your original office trickled out. 

Ed Helms:  Well, I was never supposed to stay.  My contract was for 8 episodes.  I was supposed to be fired as soon as I got to Scranton.

Do you know how you would have been fired?

Ed Helms:
Yeah, anger management.  You remember when I punched a hole in the wall? 

I remember.

Ed Helms:  That was supposed to be when I got fired.  Turns out they just made it anger management so I could come back.  One of the most exciting developments in my career.  To become a series regular on that show was just amazing.

Do you think that’s how you got your role in The Hangover?  Besides your obvious acting ability?

Ed Helms:  Well, there’s no question that your body of work is why you get the next opportunity.  I wouldn’t say that The Office “got me” The Hangover, but there’s no question that that is part of the package.

With the success of the first and second Hangover movies, is there going to be a third Hangover movie?

Ed Helms: 
I don’t know.  

Would you like there to be?

Ed Helms:  I’m open-minded.  I feel like if we do a third one, it just has to be awesome. 

What do you think a good storyline would be for a third Hangover?

Ed Helms:  Um…space station.

And who would be your ideal cameo?

Ed Helms:  I think Speaker Boehner would be pretty awesome to have on the show (The Office) or in the movie. 

Hangover 3: The Debt Ceiling

Ed Helms:  Yeah.  Because he’s so tan!

I agree, I think that would be perfect. So how far are you into filming The Office?

Ed Helms:  A week today and we’re on the second episode.

Any hints about the first episode?

Ed Helms: They’ll be some exciting revelations…

Scintillating plot twists…

Ed Helms: Yes!  You know, now James Spader is on board and he’s the CEO, which is what Kathy Bates was.

Will Kathy be back this season?

Ed Helms:
  No, she won’t be returning.

And what about her Great Danes?

Ed Helms: 
(laughs) God, I love those dogs.  That episode where they attacked my crotch was so fun.

That’s nice.  So nobody was hurt on set?

Ed Helms:  No.

You’ve had a tough run with your crotch on The Office.

Ed Helms:  Oh, it gets worse.


Ed Helms:
  It gets worse.  Yeah, this season, already right out of the gate, Andy has some physical…issues.

I hate to say that I’m looking forward to that that, but I kind of am. 

Ed Helms:  It’s fun, I love it!  Let’s beat up Andy!

Will you still be singing next season?

Ed Helms:
Oh, who knows…

Did you grow up singing or something?  You’ve got a great voice!

Ed Helms:  Yeah, I’ve always sung.

Anything in college?

Ed Helms:  Little bits and pieces.  By no means a real singer. 

Thanks so much for your time!

Ed Helms:  Cheers!

And we leave you with this: Andy Bernard’s Best Moments because really, there can never be too much.

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