What’s better than Supernatural getting picked up for a 22-episode seventh season? How about a 23-episode season? That’s right, the CW is trying to fill its schedule with more original programming this year by increasing the number of episodes for some of its shows.

The network has ordered one additional episode each for Supernatural and Nikita, meaning they’ll each produce 23 episodes this season. Meanwhile, Gossip Girl and 90210 have both been bumped up to 24 episodes.

The decision is an attempt to limit the extended hiatuses that have plagued the network. Typically the CW will take off nearly two full months during the winter, airing no new episodes of its scripted shows between the end of November and the end of January. If this news means that the hiatus will be one week shorter, that’s enough to ease the suffering of fans.

You might wonder why The Vampire Diaries isn’t on this list, and it’s just because the show takes a long time to produce an episode thanks to the special effects. Also, executive producer Kevin Williamson is also working on the new drama The Secret Circle, so he has his hands full.

The move is a sign of confidence in many of the scripted shows the CW has. With these additional episodes, several new reality shows on deck and the 13-episode final season of One Tree Hill, the CW is getting plenty of programming for its future.

(Image courtesy of the CW)

John Kubicek

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