Fact: Ann Ward deserved to win America’s Next Top Model cycle 15, and that cover of Vogue Italia, and that Covergirl contract, and that IMG modeling contract.

But that does not change the subsequent fact that I find this video from her photo shoot with Vogue Italia pretty hilarious, because it reminds me of something that is VERY hilarious and not exactly super-sexy-fashion-face. See what I mean:

Ann’s Vogue Italia Photo Shoot:

'Top Model' Winner Ann Ward's Vogue Italia Video Reminds Me of Something...

I think it’s the hair. And some of the motions. And the makeup. And the lighting. And the awkwardness. BUT THAT’S ALL, I PROMISE! I still love you, Ann! You are great and so pretty and your face takes a lot of heavy makeup very well! I hope you are the star of all the magazines and runways someday!

(Image: Vogue Italia)