There are certain couple pairings that stand out from the rest and these are MY top 10 picks.

#10 Nathan and Haley

It’s the tale of the guy with a half brother who he hates and so he decides to pursue his brother’s best friend to provoke him but her good nature and kind heart lead him to fall for her. One of my favourite couples on tv Nathan and Haley are absolutley amazing and a great example of high school sweethearts.

#9 Turk and Carla

One of my favourite couples on the show though they did have their issues: JD,Carla’s Mum and Brother,Turk’s ex girlfriend, Carla’s PPD and JD but they made it and brought 2 baby girls into the show.

#8 Clark and Lana

Although Lois was the girl Clark Kent married I have to say I preferred and loved Lana so much more. I was sorely disappointed they didn’t bring back Kristin Kreuk for the series finale! We at least deserved one more Clana scene where Clark’s face wasn’t green.

#7 Lucas and Peyton

Although I prefer Lucas with Brooke I have to admit they make a pretty good couple. Lucas was Peyton’s hero in many situations and although Peyton was willing to screw her best friend for him they brought the drama to the show.

#6 Angel and Buffy

He was the vampire with a soul she was the sarcastic Slayer. This unique couple was made the show great during the first 3 seasons. Despite Angel losing his soul he still felt a deep passion for Buffy and Buffy couldn’t kill him till the Season 2 finale which left her shattered and drove her to LA!

#5 Chuck and Blair

They are the two things that make this show great and interesting .Truth be told no one cares what happens to Serena or Dan but rather what scheme Chuck and Blair are plotting; they share a lot in common and they both spent S2 trying to hurt each other just so one of them would and say I love you.

#4 Luke and Lorelai

They were just friends with chemistry for 4 years into the show but the S4 finale every loyal fan got their happy storyline! although their relationship was plagued by Emily Gilmore, Chris and April they made it!

#3 Marshall and Lily

An Inspiration to Ted to keep looking for love these two are one my absolute favourite tv couples. Even when Lily left Marshall for Art they still made it.

#2 Ross and Rachel

They were the couple everyone was rooting for and when Rachel got of the plane it was the best finale to an amazing show. You might be wondering why they aren’t #1 it’s because Ross chose Emily over Rachel even though Emily was a complete controlling bitch that everyone could clearly see even Joey! Then you have to think even if they never got married in LV or had Emma and Rachel wasn’t fired would they still be together?

#1 Barney and Robin

I know I seem impartial but I love them as a couple they have so much in common: they are both incapable of commitment and don’t want to get married it’s just so damn cute!


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