Baby bump! A big baby bump! A kiss! Pantsless Booth! I love you! Can you feel our excitement?! The long-awaited season 7 premiere of Bones brought a lot of aww-worthy moments between our two favorite main characters, answered questions we’ve had all summer and set the scene for the future. And of course, in the middle of it all, there was a case to crack. No big deal. Just business as usual and then some for Bones.

Another Fast Forward

When I first saw how far along Brennan was in her pregnancy, I was a little miffed that the show — again — had jumped far ahead without bringing the viewers along for the ride. But their relationship felt so strong and established that it didn’t feel like I was being cheated out of something.

Still, I couldn’t help but get a little giddy over that somewhat awkward kiss in the beginning of the episode, over breakfast, while Booth wasn’t wearing any pants (but had put his socks on). And I can’t forget about their I love you! Obviously, it wasn’t the first time they had said those words to each other, but it was the first time we as viewers did. And it felt so natural.

The Heavy Stuff

Skipping over the beginning stages of their relationship means that Brennan and Booth have more serious things to talk about — like their living situation, a big focus in this episode, and their meaning of family, since both of them have some not-so-pleasant memories from childhood. And also the prospect of marriage.

If they are to get engaged, Booth says it’s Brennan that has to do the proposing. He knows that she’s not ready (she said so), and it seems like he is. So Booth knows that whenever she does pop the question, she’ll be ready — but I highly doubt that will come easy, not with the walls around Brennan that still need to be broken down. She’s still not used to relying on someone else, when she’s lived her life so far on her own.

But at the root of it all, they’re still the same Brennan and Booth, which makes the progression of their relationship seem believable. But the bantering that we love is still there, the flirty thing they do with their eyes is there, Brennan bringing up obscure references (here with the Iroquois) — it’s all there.

Hormonal Yet Still Rational

It was a little funny watching Brennan crying at the scene of the crime, but it was due to her hormones and not sadness over the dead body. But even a hormonal, emotional Brennan is able to have a clear head, and tell Booth that because she’s the one with the baby — and more secure financially (ouch) — she should decide where they live.

What made the episode work was the balance between the Brennan/Booth relationship and the murder that was being investigated.

The case was a little too hard to follow (but that could’ve been because my focus kept drifting back to Booth and Brennan) but the twists and turns kept that story line moving forward.

But Brennan comes to the conclusion that in order to start a life together, decisions such as living together and where are things they make together. For Booth and Brennan, it means a house where Booth can have a treehouse, a swing set and splitting things down the middle. For Booth, it’s no TV in the bedroom. Because that interferes with your sex life. And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?

What’s Ahead?

It’s unfortunate this season will be shortened one due to Emily Deschanel‘s pregnancy. Five more episodes are left this year before the show goes on hiatus.

But before that dreaded hiatus strikes, we’ll get to see Brennan and Booth’s relationship grow deeper and hopefully get to see baby Michael (!) some more.

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