After splitting up last week on Supernatural, Sam and Dean find themselves together again, both working a case where a town full of alleged psychics are being killed. The actual case this week is straight forward and kind of boring. The local magic shop owner is secretly working with a ghost to take out all of the fake psychics because he resents their success. Luckily Sam figures it out and shoots him to burn her bones.

The case might’ve been dull, but there were still plenty of highlights. Here are my six favorite moments from “The Mentalists.”

The Orb of Thesulah: The necklace the brothers initially thought was cursed contained an Orb of Thesulah, according to the magic shop owner. Buffy fans undoubtedly remember this from the end of season 2 as a vessel that can retrieve a soul from the ether and hold it until it’s ready to be put back into someone. Was this a throwaway line, just an homage to Buffy, or perhaps a subtle way of foreshadowing how Sam might eventually get the rest of his soul back?

Pamela, Missouri and Ellen: How cool was it that Dean referenced the two actual psychics the brothers have met, Pamela Barnes and Missouri Mosely? It’s nice to know that, despite only appearing in one episode in season 1, the characters and writers still remember Missouri. Equally great was the museum curator giving Dean a message from Ellen that sounded like it was actually from her.

The Campbell Brothers: This was a cool shout-out to the long lineage of Sam and Dean’s lineage, and it was just plain hilarious that the “brothers” were actually using it as a cover for being domestic partners.

Gruesome Deaths: As squeamish as I am, I enjoy when Supernatural gets creative with how it kills people. When the spoon bender was impaled on a coffee table full of cutlery, it was gross and awesome.

Melanie: It feels like it’s been too long since Dean made a connection with someone they meet on a case, and I really liked Melanie as a character. I know Dean can’t be with her (we’ve been down that road with Lisa), but it was nice to see him have chemistry with a woman who wasn’t a one-night stand he picked up at a bar.

Dean’s Confession: Thank God the fight between the brothers is apparently over, thanks to Ellen’s words of encouragement. Dean finally admitted that he’s been drinking so much not because he regrets killing Amy, but because he hates lying to his brother. That’s the kind of sweet, brotherly love moment we’ve come to expect on Supernatural.

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