We’ve seen them take on Tiger Woods, Jersey Shore, Facebook, NASCAR, and Inception this season. So it might seem a bit surprising that to wrap up season 14, the South Park slam-machine turns its lens on a seemingly benign subject: The Food Network.

But don’t be fooled: There’s still plenty to make fun of (two words: Guy Fieri) and, judging from the sneak peek below, “Creme Fraiche” might become one of the best episodes of the season. Food porn is a powerful drug.

Here’s the episode description: “Stan’s life is a shambles both at home and in school. Randy’s obsession with the Food Network Is changing everything. It even forces Sharon to explore a new interest of her own.”

Watch as Randy Marsh interrupts the boys’ Terrance and Philip time so he have his “Daddy TV Time,” which means ogling Alton Brown (love him!) and a succulent pork tenderloin:

Creme Fraiche
PARKRandy Marsh,Sharon Marsh,more…

As someone whose own mother is a card-carrying Food Network addict (if they gave out cards … do they give out cards?) and who has slowly inherited the obsession over the years, I can already relate more to this clip than I care to say. As much as I really do love Alton Brown, I can’t wait to see Trey and Matt skewer the Food Network. Which other stars and shows on the food porn channel do you think they’ll lampoon?

Find out tonight when the season 14 finale of South Park airs at 10pm on Comedy Central.

(Image courtesy of Comedy Central)

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