As I was watching the newest episode of Bones tonight, “The Shallow in the Deep,” I found myself truly enjoying it for the first time since this season began. Not only did this episode have a great premise and all the characteristics of an episode from last season, but you know what else was missing?  That’s right, Hannah. Problem solved, my friends.

The Case

On this week’s episode, the body of a man named Liam Moloney is found aboard an old slave ship called the Amalia Rose. Given the damage done to the skull, Brennan is able to deduce that this man was murdered, so she and Booth, as usual, go to investigate.

Eventually, Booth and Brennan’s investigation leads them aboard a cougar cruise where they learn that Liam was last seen with a red-headed woman. This red-headed woman, Claire Casper, turns out to be the wife of Mike Casper, the man whose identity Liam stole, and it is while questioning her that Booth learns that she and Liam had been having an affair. Claire then subsequently confesses to Liam’s murder.  

Apparently, when she confronted Liam about the identity theft, the two got into a fight, and she ended up accidentally pushing him overboard. Instantly grabbing a boat hook to pull him back up, Claire was so enraged that Liam had called her a “desperate old hag” that she swung the boat hook upward, hooking Liam through the mouth like a fish and killing him instantly.  

Family History

In the midst of solving Liam’s murder, the Squints are also hard at work at identifying the members who were on-board the Amalia Rose. As it turns out, one of these members was Cam’s great-grandmother, Hany Beaufort.  

Showing tremendous personal strength and reminding us all why we love her, Cam delivers a speech at the end of the episode commemorating the passengers of the Amalia Rose as the ship and the bodies will remain housed in the Jeffersonian.

Mommy Angela

Giving us all a sneak peek of what a great mom she is going to be, Angela passionately takes the time to draw sketches of all of the members aboard the Amalia Rose because, as she puts it, those people were all someone’s children, and she wants her child to know that.  

And even though Hodgins was pretty preoccupied with trying to identify and remove the bone-eating snot flower, he also showed us how compassionate he can be, so I think it’s more than safe to say that we’re all eagerly awaiting Baby Hodgela.

Rekindling the Fire

Daisy Wick made her return to the Jeffersonian on this week’s episode, and of course, as we all could have predicted, this put Sweets into a somewhat difficult position … not to mention a very compromising one as well.  

Still finding himself very much drawn to Daisy, Sweets finally reveals to her that as much as he enjoys her company, he’s looking for more than just casual hookups. Instead, he wants to talk and essentially get back on solid ground.  

Now, knowing these two and how perfect they are for each other in an almost strange sort of way, I feel like we might be on the road to them getting back together. But maybe that’s just me. What do you think? Comment below!

The Chemistry Returns

The best thing about this episode for me was no Hannah. Hands down. It totally opened up the door for the Booth and Brennan dynamic of past seasons that had been missing in this one, and I almost felt like I was watching an episode from season 5 with Booth being his overprotective self and Brennan doing crazy things like putting her finger in his mouth and telling him he’s past his prime. So great! So hey, Bones writers, if you want to write Hannah out of a few more episodes, I say go right ahead.

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Nicole Bessette

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV