Gwyneth Paltrow makes her Glee debut tomorrow, and people certainly are split about whether her “Forget You” cover is terrible, or terribly rad. While the history writers of the world run to catch up and log this Great American Debate in their books (oh, excuse me, I mean Kindles), how about a roundup of all the other stuff going on in Glee-land?

First, a sampler platter for your ears of tomorrow’s songs, including that wet and wild “Umbrella / Singin’ in the Rain” mashup you didn’t know you needed until you heard it was happening:

Yup, that’s Matthew Morrison singing “Make ‘Em Laugh,” also from one of the best musicals ever made, Singin’ in the Rain. And that sounds like Lea Michele and somebody (Paltrow?) singing “Nowadays” from Chicago

Max Adler, the guy who plays Karofsky, Kurt’s bully, talked to Zap2It about the kiss and more.
The highlights:
– When Adler read the script, he expected Karofsky to punch Kurt, not kiss him.
Chris Colfer is a stellar actor and stunt actor. Thankfully, no adorable young Gleeks were hurt during the filming of those locker-pushing scenes.
– And, most exciting/spoilery: We will meet Karofsky’s dad when the bullying problem comes to a head in the November 23 episode “Furt.”
– Speaking of name mashups: Adler doesn’t think “Kurtofsky” will become an item, since Kurt thinks Karofsky is so chubby and sweaty. Besides, you know, the physical assault.

More on Sue Sylvester’s “freakin’ weird” wedding: By now we have deduced that, in an attempt to overshadow Burt Hummel’s impending marriage to Finn’s mom, Sue Sylvester will marry herself. At least, that is the only theory that makes sense to me. (Have a different theory? Tell us!) Us spoke to Jane Lynch about the wedding (someone should tell them the wedding becomes less “secret” and “out-of-left-field” the more they write about it) and, while she wouldn’t give many details about the “unconventional” ceremony, she did reveal one thing: Sue Sylvester will wear a “designer track suit wedding dress.” One question: Will it be strapless?

Darren Criss talked about his crazy week with Billboard. Once again, the highlights:
– Over the weekend Ryan Murphy confirmed to AfterElton that Criss will be a series regular moving forward.
– He freaked out when he found out he’d be singing “Teenage Dream” because he admires its writers, Max Martin/Dr. Luke.
– His brother is in Freelance Whales–I love that band! (You should check them out.) Music is in his blood, and he’s got range: “I’m sort of a musical mercenary,” he says. “I have a musical theater background, but when I write for myself, I’m a guy with a guitar so I sound like that guy. And my brother is in a really killer band in New York called Freelance Whales and when I play with him. It’s our own little electro indie thing.”

Behind the scenes account of the making of Glee: This article from the McClatchy-Tribute News Service (whatever that is) has some legitimately interesting tidbits from behind the scenes of Glee season 2, including some unintentionally funny Ryan Murphy quotes: “So we’re scaling back a little bit and concentrating a little more on the stories.” (Sure. OK. Tell that to your Britney Spears episode, dude.) But it also puts things in perspective: The fact that these people can put together a huge, theatrical hour-long teen dramedy musical every eight days is amazing; the fact that it’s often great is downright phenomenal. FYI: The last 4 paragraphs of this article have nothing to do with Glee. It’s weird. So stop reading there.

Last, and least in stature (but not in adorableness): Baby Gleeks on videooooo!

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