The Bachelor season 22’s hometown dates were more than Arie Luyendyk Jr. being slyly (and not-so-slyly) threatened by the fathers of his final four women. The episode also ended in one of the most shocking eliminations of the season as Arie sent home Tia. 

Tia wasn’t just the first lady to tell Arie she was falling for him, she also ended up being one of the most entertaining and likable contestants all season. With Tia being officially unattached from Arie (and having the televised heartbreak to show for it), she needs to be the next choice for Bachelorette lead.

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Joining the Ranks of Sassy Stardom

There are many things that go into making a good Bachelor lead. (Most of which Arie is missing.) Yet when it comes to The Bachelorette the best leads share one thing in common: They know how to have fun with the franchise. 

Some of them are light, some are sassy and some just genuinely know how to craft a sold joke but all of them tend to be fun to watch. This is something Tia has perfectly nailed on The Bachelor. It’s true that The Bachelorette has had the occasional girl-next-door or American princess type (Emily Maynard and JoJo Fletcher come to mind.) However, the most memorable (and best) leads have had a bit of an edge. Bachelorettes like Kaitlyn Bristowe, Rachel Lindsay and now (hopefully) Tia Booth are examples of the show at its best. 

The Bachelor used a surprising amount of censorship for Tia’s language throughout season 22. It’s rare that someone’s words have been so bleeped out and they’ve not been a villain or on Bachelor in Paradise. Tia, however, is an exception. Even though Tia, evidently, curses like a sailor, it never felt as if she was too nasty or vulgar. She was just being open, honest and most importantly entertaining. Tia cursing is infinitely more interesting to watch and more endearing than Lauren B., who hasn’t experienced a single emotion since 2007. 

Out of any of Arie’s women, Tia seems the most perfectly suited to be the spunky and interactive lead The Bachelorette demands. Tia, like Kaitlyn or Rachel, wouldn’t be willing to take some of the average nonsense of the franchise but would do it in an amusing way to still keep things moving. Tia would have no time for a villain like Chad Johnson because she was already completely fed up with Krystal on The Bachelor

Tia wasn’t the only Bachelor contestant with some level of attitude in season 22. Bekah M. is the obvious other big “character” from the season but Bekah would be a horrible choice for The Bachelorette. It has nothing to do with Bekah’s age or maturity level and everything to do with the fact that she isn’t ready for marriage. Bekah isn’t as firm in what she wants in a life partner, at least not like Tia. 

Moving into the Driver’s Seat

The great thing about Tia is throughout season 22 she was unapologetically herself. Whatever Tia was feeling throughout the season she made it clear. That wasn’t only refreshing against Arie who “loves” everything and anything, but it showed what a good lead she would make for the franchise. Tia knows what she wants in life and a partner, even though she’s just 26. The Bachelorette (or any lead of the franchise) needs to be firm and steady, which Tia definitely provides. 

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The Bachelorette needs to be, if not the most entertaining person on the show, at least the most clearly defined and communicative. Already on The Bachelor, Tia felt as if she was in control. Most of the group dates she was on felt much more focused on her than Arie, or any other contestant. Tia just demands a certain level of attention with her force of personality and hardly anyone else managed to do that on The Bachelor this season, at least in a way that didn’t make them seem like a monster. (In other words, Krystal.)

Tia isn’t a flawless candidate for The Bachelorette. There are a couple things she did in season 22 which could be perceived as crossing the line. She did throw Bekah way under the bus to Arie. Tia implied at the rose ceremony, before she was sent home, that Kendall didn’t make sense for Arie. Neither are particularly positive things but they were honest. 

Rather than detract from her good qualities as a potential Bachelorette, this somewhat controversial behavior only benefits the case for Tia. After milquetoast Arie, The Bachelorette needs someone who can push buttons and break the mold but still be likable and entertaining. No one looks better for that job, currently, than Tia. 

Do you think Tia would be a good choice for Bachelorette lead? Who, if anyone, would you prefer? 

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