On the night before the first live eviction of Celebrity Big Brother, a lot of gameplay was going on. The vote may be flipped, new targets may emerge and the all-female alliance is starting to show its first cracks.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.

Shannon won the Power of Veto and did not use it. James is the original target.

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James has been doing a lot of campaigning, promising multiple people whatever they want if they vote to keep him. And whie his pitches may not be working, other factors may save him.

Shannon and Omarosa

We’ve seen that Shannon and Omarosa have been a tight duo, but there’s a lot of friction at the moment. Shannon has become worried that Omarosa may be more loyal to Keshia, which isn’t unfounded as Omarosa has told her direcxtly that she could never nominate or evict Keshia because of their common cultural background. Also, behind her back, Omarosa and Keshia have been talking about how Shannon is losing it.

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Shannon is now concerned. She wants to work with Omarosa, but now she needs to take out Keshia to ensure that Omarosa will be most loyal to her. That seems to be the primary reason for Shannon’s push to save James, hoping to align with him because Keshia seems to be closer with Chuck.

A Fractured Dynasty

The 7-person alliance of the women and Ross, which is being called the Dynasty, has many sub-groups. Omarosa and Keshia are an obvious pair, Brandi and Ariadna seem to be very close and Ross and Marissa are thick as thieves. That leaves Shannon as a floater within the group, completely without a solid #2.

Shannon tried to get the Ross/Marissa and Brandi/Ariadna duos to join her in flipping the vote to save James and go against Keshia. Ariadna seems the most interested in this while Brandi is considering it despite the fact that she clearly does not like James at all.

Though Shannon seems much closer to Ross and Marissa, they are the biggest hold-outs for the vote flip. Shannon’s agenda is to take out Keshia so she can get Omarosa back on her side, but Ross still wants to take out Omarosa because he’s worried that she will come after him (which she has indeed talked about).

Marissa’s big concern is that saving James would flip the house against Keshia, Omarosa and Metta, which would create a very bad public image to be targeting the only three black HGs. Race is certainly starting to play a bigger factor in the game than normal, especially since Omarosa is pretty open about not wanting to go against the other two black HGs.

Will the Vote Flip?

Despite Shannon doing her best, I suspect the vote will not be flipped. It’s not fully decided and anything could still happen, but Ross and Marissa appear to be at the center of this decision and they are leaning heavily towards sticking to the original plan and evicting James.

Regardless of the result, Thursday’s live feeds showed the first real cracks in the women’s alliance. It all really boils down to Shannon’s paranoia. She wants to be Omarosa’s closest ally, but she fears that it’s actually Keshia, leading to a potential war between them. But the rest of the Dynasty (Ross, Marissa, Brandi and Ariadna) seem happy to sit back and let the others go to war.

Ross is even using the opportunity to try and change his own fate. Instead of being the one guy brought in at the last minute to an all-female alliance, he’s been doing some work with Mark to try to pick him up as a key figure in his future plans.

With the game about to go into overdrive (the first live eviction is Friday night and the second one will be on Monday), the competitions could play a huge factor in deciding whether the Dynasty will shatter or stick together.

Do you think a woman will be the second HG evicted, breaking up the Dynasty?

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