It’s another fast turnaround for Celebrity Big Brother. Shannon Elizabeth was evicted on Friday night, but afterwards a new HoH was chosen, the nominations are set and on Monday we’ll get a live Power of Veto competition and eviction. But with a looming PoV twist, anything can happen.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.

Omarosa is the new HoH.

She nominated Ross and Brandi.

Omarosa made it clear that her target is Ross. She talked to Mark, Metta and James, trying to convince them to take him out. Metta and Mark were on board, but James was very reluctant. She proposed a Final 4 of Omarosa, James, Mark and Metta, then went to Mark to get him to help convince James to take out Ross. Mark started to work on James and seems to have swayed him. Omarosa promised that if the PoV saves Ross, Brandi is the target and Marissa is probably the replacement.

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But there’s still the Veto twist. The HGs were informed that a twist is coming, but they don’t know the details. America is voting for one of three types of Veto power to be played Monday night. If it’s the Diamond Power of Veto, there’s a good chance that Ross, Brandi, Marissa or Ariadna could win it and nominate James, basically ensuring his eviction. If any of the other four win it, it would probably go unused, though Metta is a wild card who might also backdoor James.

With the VIP Veto, it could be used twice and if Marissa or Ariadna win it, they could save both nominees and force Omarosa to nominate James, Mark or Metta. Like with the Diamond Veto, it would probably go unused by Omarosa, Mark, James or even Metta. The Spotlight Veto, which must be used, would ensure that either Ross or Brandi comes off the block, but Omarosa would just put Marissa on the block, unless Marissa won it.

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Basically, the Diamond and VIP Vetoes both open the door for the entire power group of Ross, Marissa, Brandi and Ariadna to stay in the game, with James or Mark probably going home instead. But the Spotlight would ensure that Ross or Brandi would be evicted.

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