Here are all your latest updates from the chaotic circus that is The X Factor USA:

This Week: The Top 7 Sing from Michael Jackson’s Catalog
Wait, didn’t Melanie Amaro already sing “Man in the Mirror”? And what about when the Stereo Hogzz sung “You Are Not Alone”? Shhhhh. Quiet, you. There’s enough Michael to go around. (Again.) Drew hinted at her song on Twitter, saying “It’s not upbeat, but it’s also not slow. Has a bit of attitude.” Any guesses for who’s singing what on Wednesday?

Another Double Elimination!
Just when our wounds over LeRoy Bell and Lakoda Rayne were beginning to heal, this week it’s another double elimination on The X Factor. SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN! That’s a lot of cuts in two weeks. Who do you think/hope will get the aXe?

(Image courtesy of FOX)