Another week of The Young and the Restless concludes.  Sharon and Jack, and their various paramours, continued to deal with aftermath of Sharon and Nick’s kiss hitting the tabloids.  Sharon and Jack dealt with the fallout of the story admirably, and Jack even realized that he should spend more time with his family.  He asked her if he should give up his seat in the senate, but Sharon told him that he can’t be a quitter, for Noah’s sake.

Meanwhile, Maggie questioned Jack about his interactions with Ji Min on the day he died.  Jack made a deal with the D.A. that if he cooperates with the police in their investigation, then they won’t prosecute him for Jabot.

Jack admitted to Maggie that he bought Ji Min’s family’s property in Korea and used it as leverage to stop him from going to the press with his story.  Maggie, who had found out that there was dog hair on Ji Min’s body when he died, secretly collected hair from Jack’s dog.

Victor and Nikki decided to get a divorce, and Nikki wanted to keep it a secret, to protect her business interests in Clear Springs.  However, Victor only said that he’d keep it a secret until they personally told their children the news, but after that all bets are off.  Unfortunately for Nikki, her bad fortune didn’t end there either.  She can’t come up with the money to make her first loan payment to Victor.  She asked for an extension, but he refused.

Speaking of Clear Springs, JT and Victoria were up there, getting engaged, and JT saw David Chow shaking hands with the guy that JT suspects is involved with the kick backs.  Back in Genoa City, David went to see Jana in prison at Jana’s request.

Neil invited Karen over to his apartment for ice cream and board game night with Lily and Devon.  Lily and Devon were incredibly rude to her, especially because Karen was inadvertently wearing a hat that once belonged to Drusilla.  Neil scolded his children for their bad behavior.  Meanwhile, Cane’s pointless flirtation with Lily continued.  Cane bought and inscribed a book on Australian slang for Lily to help her with her imaginary comparative culture class.  Devon found out about Lily’s crush and got way to self-righteously over-protective of her.

Adrian got an offer from Genoa City University to teach a class again.  They told him that he’s still allowed to date Colleen as long as she doesn’t enroll in any of his classes.  Heather enrolled in Adrian’s art class and became chummy with Colleen.  At their apartment, Heather discovered that Adrian has a little Leaning Tower figurine that used to belong to her college roommate Macey who committed suicide.  Adrian said that it was a gift from Macey’s family, but Heather found later that it wasn’t.  At the end of the week, Heather talked to Paul about her abusive and fatherless childhood, which made Paul feel incredibly guilty about his absenteeism.

Jeffrey grew even more suspicious of Gloria’s involvement in the contaminated face cream incident.  Gloria was wary of Jeffrey at first, but then relaxed her guard.

Finally, Phyllis’ appeal was denied.  Michael decided that her best chance is for Phyllis to get into a work-release program.  He asked Jack, Nikki, Nick and Victor to make the case that they need Phyllis, and only Phyllis working on the Clear Springs project.

Be sure to tune in next week because lots of exciting stuff is going to go down!

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