Clark and Kara are at the corn festival.  Clark is lecturing Kara on not using her powers, particularly with the discovery of her space ship.  Kara apparently has the hots for Jimmy.  I always assumed she would become his UOA.  After demonstrating yet another power that Clark doesn’t have, X-Ray vision, Kara is distracted by the arrival of three hotties signing up for the beauty pageant.  Looks like Kara will be going up for it as well.

Back at the Kent farm, Lana shows up.  She doesn’t look like she is exactly relishing confronting Clark.  She puts a hand on Clark’s shoulder and he raises in disbelief.  No words, just an embrace.

One of the hotties is walking down the main talking to someone on a cell about money and third world nations.  She steps into a flower shop and suddenly the windows are covered with frost.  Looks like there is a meteor freak in the pageant.

Lana admits to Clark that she faked her death because Lionel had threatened Clark’s life.  Lana is afraid to show her face in public, because she has essentially committed a crime.  Clark tells Lana she can stay at the farm, but that life has gotten a little ‘complicated,’ and as if on cue Kara steps out in a bikin.  Clark introduces her and tells her to get dressed, which Kara complies at super speed, revealing her nature to Lana.  Clark tells her before she can go into public, she needs to learn to control her abilities.

Clark takes her out to the barn for a little test.  He carves a smiley face in a melon with his heat visions, then asks her to give it a try.  The melon is toast.  Kara does not concede though, she tells Clark that she will fit in her own way.

Cut to Kara getting a facial, two of the babes from hell are talking about the girl who got all frosty.  One of them says they took care of a problem.  Kara leaves after they insult her and finds the girl frozen stiff.

Lex gets a visit from a government agent who wants to know who the girl is that Lex is looking for.  Lex is mum, naturally.  Can’t wait till he actually finds her.

Jimmy brings Chloe a picture of the frosted beauty queen and she is at first not interested in the story,  then the new editor shows up and insists that she cover it.  She isn’t exactly thrilled.

Back at the Kent farm, Clark tells Lana about the trials of training Kara to control her powers.  Lana tries to convince him that the best practice might be to let her develop at her own rate.

Kara is in rehearsal for the pageant and the object of her affection, Jimmy, shows up.  The sheriff shows up to ask about the frosted girl.  The two girls that were with the third start talking, turns out they are there to steal the time capsule inside of the Smallville monument.  Jimmy is snapping pictures of them, and they are not very happy about it.   One of them follows him to his car and begins freezing him.   Kara saves him.  Looks like Kara is about to have her first super battle.

Lex shows up at the Kent farm, at Lana’s request.  Apparently Lex was supposed to smooth things over so that Lana could return to public life, and he has.  She is now free.  Lex tells her that all the horrible things he did was because he loved her.  She doesn’t buy it. 
Jimmy is recovering in the hospital, and Clark’s first concern is whether or not anyone saw Kara’s act of heroics.  She gets angry and leaves.  Chloe, meanwhile, has googled her way to solving the case, correlating the terrible threesome, now twosome, with several crimes.

Kara, meanwhile, is approached by the duo who try to recruit her into their gang.  They show her a picture of some gold that can be found with a map hidden inside the Smallville time capsule. She notices a Kryptonian symbol in the picture and decides to go along.

At the Miss Sweetcorn pageant, girls in skimpy bikinis, including Kara, prance around the stage as Clark shows up.  He is watching the stage intently.  This is going to be one heck of a showdown.

Lex has called off the hunt for his ‘angel,’ and is now teaming with the government in the search for the inhabitant of the space ship.  He mentions that another one crashed before.  Do you get the feeling  Lex is finally putting it all together?

Kara wins the contest, but is arrested on stage.  The girls turned her in, apparently.  At the jail, she wants to bend the bars and go after the treasure, but Clark tells her to wait until Chloe can bail her out.  Clark confronts the girls, but it turns out there is some Kryptonite in the treasure.  Kara shows up just in the nick of time to rescue Clark.

Back at the farm, Clark and Kara look at the symbol. She says that it is an SOS, from a Kryptonian.  They surmise that the Kryptonian may still be there on Earth.  Clark tries to convince Kara that he is human because of how he grew up.   She doesn’t agree.

At Luthercorp, one of Lex’s agents shows up and informs him that they found her angel, right where Lex thought she would be.

Lana and Clark walk around at the festival.  She tells Clark she wants to grow old with him. You can see that in the back of his mind Kara’s words are echoing.

Lex finally meets up with Kara.  She denies that she was the one that saved him.  This episode of Smallville ends with him telling her that sooner or later he will find out the truth, that she is a savior, or a warning.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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