Gary Dourdan as Warrick Brown

Warrick Brown, on the television series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, is played by Gary Dourdan. Warrick has lived in Las Vegas his entire life and has yet to meet his real father. When he was seven years old, he lost his mother and was subsequently placed in the care of his maternal grandmother. His grandmother imposed strict rules in the house, and so when he was a teenager, he kept his job as a casino runner a secret. He paid for his own college education by working as a cab driver, a Sahara bell captain, a Grand Canyon helicopter tours employee and a gravedigger. He eventually became a crime scene investigator for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Having always been exposed to the sights and sounds of Las Vegas, Warrick once spent most of his time jumping from one casino to another and getting involved in a number of short-term relationships. Becoming a crime scene investigator did not necessarily rid Warrick of his affinity towards gambling. In fact, it was his gambling problem that led him to abandon a new CSI, Holly Gribbs, during one of their investigations, during which Holly was murdered when the criminal returned to the crime scene. Warrick almost lost his job, and was only spared from termination when supervisor Gil Grissom realized that given the death of Holly, he did not want to lose another CSI. Since then, Warrick has tried hard to deal with his gambling problem, and relieves his stress by working as a DJ and writing his own songs.

With regard to his personal relationships, Warrick has become close friends his fellow CSI, Nick Stokes, and was thoroughly dismayed when Nick was abducted and buried alive, which is why he was among the most persistent in coming to Nick’s aid. He also flirted with Catherine Willows, Grissom’s right hand woman, and despite his traumatic experience with a former girlfriend, got seriously involved with a woman named Tina, who he eventually married after a short courtship.

(Photo courtesy of Michael Yarish)

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