With Prison Break‘s third season right around the corner, die hard fans might have the impression that they know a lot about what is coming up in the south of the border edition of the escapist drama.  Think again.  Not only is Prison Break‘s writing staff busy trying to keep one step ahead of the spoiler curve, the actors themselves don’t know what is going to happen from one episode to the next. (Spoilers ahead.)

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One revealing bit of info to leak via Dominic Purcell is the fact that the brothers are indeed going to have a falling out, although the reason was not given.  This isn’t exactly a slip of the lip on Purcell’s part, since a change in the relationship has been forecast as part of the season 3 attractions. It was, however, the first time that Purcell or anyone else made it sound so specifically venomous. 

One of the most obvious suggestions is that Linc and Dr. Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) will end up in a romantic relationship on the outside, leaving Michael (Wentworth Miller) to feel even more isolated.  Miller himself seemed to suggest this in a recent interview with the National Ledger. “It will be a pivotal year for her,” says Miller. “However, the audience is going to discover early on that nothing will ever be the same for the two characters. How so? That’s the question.”

As far as just how long Michael will be stuck in Sona, fans thought that they had this all worked out with the rush of spoiler information that snuck onto the internet in the months leading up to production, but it now looks like those rumors make have been second guessed by the producers.  Originally, an escape was to take place, successful or not, in the fifth episode.  Miller confirmed that so far, they have not filmed that scene.  And they are filming the fifth episode now.

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