Supernatural fans have had their first look at Supernatural’s new girls thanks to Michael Ausiello at TV Guide who scored the first exclusive pictures of Kate Cassidy (Ruby) and Lauren Cohan (Bella) in action.  At the same time, he also reiterated what most Supernatural fans should know by know: the girls are definitely not being introduced as potential love interests for Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki).  Regardless, they still look pretty snazzy considering they are supposed to be playing battle hardened individuals.  Will Supernatural fans bite?

The good – and not so new – news is that the girls will not be wedged in to play footsies with the boys.  In executive producer Eric Kripke’s words, they are actually antagonists.  Who is to blame for the love interest rumors?  Maybe whoever put together the casting sides who was sure to include sexual advances and double entendres of the lusty variety.  It doesn’t really matter, not yet anyways.

“There’s a misconception that they’re being introduced as love interests. They’re not; they’re being introduced as antagonists,” Kripke told Ausiello.  However, he did follow up with “If the chemistry is there, and we see the sparks, and we want it to happen, and the fans want it to happen, it’ll happen.”  Nothing in there about what if Dawn Ostroff wants it to happen.

From the two shots it is hard to tell if the girls are going to work as tough cookies.  Katie Cassidy is wearing a slight believable sneer that Billy Idol would definitely not approve of, and Cohan is holding a Desert Eagle with a nearly perfect automatic pistol two hand grip, but doesn’t have the steely glare to match, more like doey eyes.

Of course the flop factor comes when they start to move and talk, that is what we will have to wait and see.  To see the pics, visit Ausiello’s column here.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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