Tonight on The X Factor, the Top 5 perform two songs each! One of the five will be sent home tomorrow. Will Simon and the gang get along long enough to watch the show? Let’s find out!

We interrupt your scheduled broadcast to update you on a past X Factor contestant.

Remember Reina Williams, the cool-as-ice dreadlocked rapper who out-rapped Astro? She is doing it for herself these days and has dropped an all-original mixtape available now online. Click here to give Reina Williams: The Mixtape a listen and stay up-to-date with her whereabouts!

We now return to regularly scheduled programming already in progress.

The contestants should be singing an up-tempo song first and then returning to the stage to perform their chosen Pepsi song. Somewhere along the lines, someone got confused and the Pepsi song will not be sung. Instead everyone will sing their “save me” song. Oh right, and they’ve only had 24 hours to prepare the second song. Here we go!

Melanie Amaro — ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele & ‘When You Believe’ by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey

Melanie takes on Adele, Whitney Houston AND Mariah Carey all in one night. Oh yeah, and it sounds fantastic. She takes a moment after her second song to say that she believes in herself and is thankful that Simon walked through her door for a second chance. Keep her out of the “piranha pool” and vote!

Marcus Canty — ‘Ain’t Nobody’ by Chaka Khan & ‘A Song for You’ by Donny Hathaway

Marcus’s voice is always nothing less than soulfully sweet, but tonight’s song choices takes him to an all new level. He’s focused and determined to not be in that bottom two again. Plus, he appeals to a young crowd while bringing old school tunes back. Sounds like a winner to me.

Rachel Crow — ‘Nothing On You’ by B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars & ‘Music and Me’ by Michael Jackson

This is a very talented, cute as a button young singer. Her voice never fails to impress. Nicole says it best: “You’re an old soul in a 13-year-old’s body.” Her marriage of old and young sometimes confuses as to how one should market her, but it’s undeniable that she is a star.

Josh Krajcik — ‘We Found Love’ by Rihanna & ‘Something’ by The Beatles

The first song tonight is odd, yet the second song brings him right back to where he belongs. He is a “real musician, a real artist,” like Nicole says. The lame gimmicks aren’t necessary when he hits the stage. It is all in the voice.

Chris Rene — ‘My Life’ by T.I. feat. Rihanna & ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ by Chris Rene

It’s all about originality with Chris, from the beginning. He may not have the best voice, but he has a story to tell. The second song proves just that. Sitting with a guitar and a spotlight and an original song puts him in a great position to take that $5 million prize.

Alright, folks! It has been a pleasure recapping this fine piece of American television for you all. Starting tomorrow Meghan Carlson will be taking over. I do hope you have all enjoyed my work as much as I’ve enjoyed doing it. Tune in tomorrow for The X Factor live results show and vote your favorites to victory!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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Jilliane Johnson

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