In this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Adrienne Maloof debuted her shoe line at the fashion show she hosted in her home. Of course on paper this sounds like quite a lovely event full of champagne and glamour, but to the housewives, it’s just another excuse to start more drama.

“It was really disappointing to see Lisa [Vanderpump’s] snide remarks about all of it. It’s something that has not sat well with me.” Adrienne wrote in her blog, referring to Lisa complaining about the lack of showcase of the shoes as well as calling Adrienne’s line “Maloof’s Hoofs.”

“I get that people make sarcastic comments, or careless ones, but I really believe that you have to take care not to insult someone’s family or their business,” she wrote. “Simply put? Not cool. You’d think women would encourage each other instead of getting catty. I was taken aback by what I consider to be her classless comments…I truly felt that she was envious of what we’ve accomplished and maybe what they say is true–jealousy is the root of all evil.”

Lisa also addressed the fashion show and Adrienne’s accusations about Pandora’s bachelorette party being held at a competing casino in her blog.

“I joked about the ‘Vanderpump’ [shoe] being on its way and the ‘Maloof Hoof’ as a bit of a laugh, not to be taken seriously,” she clarified. “So there we have it. Once again a pleasant evening was marred by a really petty matter. I am losing patience with this constant need for altercations when we all have busy lives… I am quite frankly too exhausted to dwell on things that aren’t important.”

Of course, Adrienne wouldn’t be a Real Housewife if she just let Lisa have the last word. She changed her tune a little on Twitter, possibly after reading Lisa’s blog, where her attitude seemed to go from indignant to kiss-assy.

“Lisa, Just as you have been protective about your new ventures, I am of mine because we work so hard to make them a success,” she tweeted.

“Unfortunately your intended humor came across sarcasm about something very important to me. Hopefully you can see why it came across as hurtful just as I now understand it was meant to be funny. Certainly you and I have much better things to do than continue on this subject! More than willing to chalk it up to lessons learned and move on!! I know you’ll agree there are far more significant things happening in the world to dwell on!!!…xoxo-A.”

There has been no further comment from Lisa, who is clearly too busy dealing with all the important things in her busy life to worry about getting the last word.

Gina Pusateri
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Gina Pusateri

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