If all those off-the-wall challenges, non-modeling assignments and inexplicable judging decisions made it seem like this season of America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars had no rules … well, think again.

As we saw in last night’s WTF-worthy hour, the competition has come down to the final three. (Read the recap, you won’t regret it.) But according to this preview for next Wednesday’s finale, in the end only two finalists will be allowed to compete for the ultimate title of “America’s Next Top Model All-Star Branding Queen,” or whatever they’re calling the winner this cycle.

Apparently, one of our three finalists has done something that makes her ineligible to win. But who? And what did she do? Was it illegal, or just against her contract? And did she do it before the competition, or during? And if she did it before the competition, why did the show just discover it now? (Or did the show always know, but decided to hold on to their destructive intel until the stakes were the highest? YOU DOGS!) And if she did it during the competition, why was she so dumb to think they wouldn’t find out? SO MANY QUESTIONS! Roll the preview:

It’s a good thing they’ve already been styled with raccoon eyes for the final runway, because somebody’s gonna be doing a whole lotta crying next week.

Who do you think will be disqualified, and who will win?

(Image courtesy of the CW)