TGIF, smizers! The modeling world meets that of video games in tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model: College Edition. With many video games dropping before the holiday season, I suppose this challenge is relevant enough. The remaining eight models are asked to jump into a virtual world.

After playing heroines, guest photographer Mike Ruiz welcomes the models into a setting where the Victorian era meets industrialization. One model in particular fails to leave her new-found video game strength behind, and Bryanboy is caught in the crossfire.

“Anybody can go home at any time,” says Nastasia, who won best photo last week. Leila was a fan favorite, but is now watching the show just like everyone else in America … from her couch. Anyways, Nastasia will stay focused, grabbing Kiara to join her in the Tyra Suite this week.

Brittany isn’t forgetting things so easily, though. If you can recall last week’s results, Bryanboy made it very obvious that he wanted Leila to stick around, giving Brittany a mean girl look. So Yvonne has teamed up with Brittany on Team Anti-Bryanboy. She should really be focusing on the task at hand if she is really wanting to make it in the fashion industry. “It just sucks,” Yvonne whines as she talks on the phone. Apparently, no one sent her the memo explaining that models are simply a blank canvas at the disposal of the true artists behind the cameras. She sure has a lot to learn.

Victoria, on the other hand, is really scared about her position in the competition right now after seeing Leila go home, so she’s exercising. Somehow, this makes sense.

Virtual Challenge: Supermodel duo Rob Evans and Christie Tiegen welcome the models dressed in onesies with little glowing balls in strategic places. No, it’s nothing erotic! They’re acting as characters in a video game that’s being projected on a screen. One by one, each contestant must take on the female role, committing to stunts and script. Whoever does the best will have their “taunt” move featured in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

Laura goes first, believing that she’s sitting pretty at the top of the bunch. She does okay, but is quickly outshone by Kristin’s quirky approach. While both of these girls do great jobs, Brittany seems to leave the biggest impression. Christie even comments that from the moment Brittany walked on set, she was the closest to what the character asked for. Could Disney Girl be breaking out of her shell?

Challenge Winner: Laura

I’m a fan of Laura; I am. Yet Kristin actually did a very good job and so did Brittany.

Christie sits the girls down to speak to them about the importance of social media not just in the competition but in the working world. Laura, the challenge winner, doesn’t realize how much of an influence society is on the professional side of things. Really? The bleach must have seeped into her pours.

“I always want to be the best … and that’s obviously not going to happen,” says Brittany, who is really upset that she lost the challenge. This is nothing when compared to the emotions flowing from Victoria in the phone booth while on the phone with — you guessed it — her mother. The tears make it almost impossible to understand what Victoria is even upset over. Her poor mother remains cool and collected on the other end of the call, probably relieved to have a bit of peace and quiet around the house.

Patrique is back, and she or he delivers the Tyra Mail. After maybe a three-second visit, the girls run off to the set of the photo shoot where Johnny Wujeck is standing with Mike Ruiz. Tonight, the girls enter the world of steam punk and will be working with a very special co-star, Groovy, who is an owl. She’s cute, but temperamental.

Johnny has some good things to say about Brittany’s performance in front of the camera. He says, “She did come with a fierceness.” Boy, did she ever! Brittany confronts Bryanboy about the last panel and his disappointed moment. He, of course, makes nice and Disney Girl comes back with wanting to show the different sides of “The Mouse.” She definitely commits this time around.

Meanwhile, the models who are waiting their turn are just sitting around, eating and hanging out. Yvonne is vocally irritated, ready to leave and do her own thing. Once her turn with Mike, Johnny and Bryanboy comes around, the last thing Yvonne wishes to hear is that her wardrobe needs to be changed. The attitude immediately settles in and is projected at the social media representative. I think she just sealed her own fate. Her performance is lacking as well.

Johnny makes the mistake of asking Victoria about her character’s back story. We’re given a short novel about how Victoria’s boyfriend ran a circus, and the animals were mistreated, and she was an animal activist and more things that are unnecessary.

At the end of the shoot, Yvonne breaks into tears, obviously frustrated, and talks with Bryanboy again. Luckily, he accepts her apology, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he talks behind her back. She cannot just prepare to take pretty pictures; she needs to be ready for the rest of it as well.

“Androgyny is one thing, but Kiara looks like a man with makeup on,” says a fan of Kiara — if you can call them a fan. This implementation of social media is both good and ridiculous, I feel. This is art, and people will always have different views of art. I think in the next cycle, Tyra needs to take some things into consideration.

This particular panel is full of across-the-board feedback for all of the models besides Yvonne. Or perhaps Kelly Cutrone is simply looking to be different and difficult. Tyra addresses Yvonne’s attitude with some words of wisdom. She says, “You are a model. You are hired to perform and to swallow it.” These are definitely not words that Laura will hear anytime soon. She earns a perfect score from all three judges.

Best Photo: Laura

“This is crazy,” says Tyra as she hands over the photo. Laura is the first model in this cycle to have a second stay in the Tyra Suite.

Brittany is pulled out of her misery, earning the second spot with her combined points. Unfortunately, Victoria and Yvonne are on the opposite end of the spectrum, landing in the bottom two. Will Victoria’s loss of fire send her home? Or has Yvonne’s attitude cost her a spot in the competition?

Eliminated: Yvonne

Breathe easy, Momma! Your little girl will be away from home for at least another week. During her exit confessional, Yvonne still has the understanding that Bryanboy was rude to her at the photo shoot. Don’t look for her to come back from the Comeback Series.

Next Friday, the models are going on a road trip. Tyra takes the girls to Palm Springs in the next episode of America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, and Victoria makes another phone call that worries her roommates. Tune in to The CW and check in here at BuddyTV to keep up with the competition.

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