The final night of The X Factor auditions have finally come! Simon, Demi, LA and Britney have really had their hands full so far. I’m sure there will be a montage of previous talent and non-talent to catch everyone up to speed. While it’s nice to know how things began, we want to focus on the shocking performances that lay ahead.

Tonight, they definitely saved the best for last. Not saying that they’re good or bad, just that they’re memorable, to say the least. Keep your eyes peeled for these show-stopping shockers!

When we left off last night in San Fransisco, CA, Trevor Moran was missing his audition cue. He now lies on the floor under the paramedics.

Apparently, poor Trevor was dehydrated and got too excited. Thankfully, he’s now sitting up, very alert and ready to get out there for his audition. “I can do it,” he tells backstage assistants.

Trevor Moran, “Sexy And I Know It” by LMFAO

I’m going to approach this just like the best talent show judge ever would. I understand that this is a 13-year-old child, but it’s as if a young child with absolutely no rhythm and an okay voice landed in the middle of a gay pride event. He has a nice voice, but the song and dance routine was super random. And the crowd LOVES it!

“I’m not entirely sure that was age appropriate,” says Simon. The wiggling and jiggling sure wasn’t, but it was pretty entertaining. He’ll make it through to boot camp, but will he make it much farther than that? Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

While Demi is busy giving guys in the audience birthday notes with kisses on them, there’s a young sensitive boyfriend missing his other half. “I wrote a whole album about her,” he admits. Let’s hope his good looks can help get him to his love.

Owen Stewart, “Airplanes” by B.o.B.

“This one’s for Tori,” Owen yells before crooning the chorus. His voice is really smooth and full of heart. Better than that, the kid can rap. He delivers an original rap, tossing out B.o.B.’s lyrics. The girls definitely love it.

Demi gets it. “I think that every girl in the audience wishes they were Tori right now,” she says. Britney is the only judge to say no, so going through to boot camp, Owen has a lot to prove to her.

With just one glance you could tell that Freddie Combs has been through a lot in his life. At one point, he weighed over 900 pounds and with the help of his wife Kay, Freddie has lost 400 pounds. In a wheelchair, stagehands have to help him to the stage.

Freddie Combs, “Wind Beneath My Wings”

This minister can SING! And while just sitting in his wheelchair, Freddie’s animation makes one forget that these are the only movements he can make. It’s very, very uplifting and deserves the standing ovation given after.

“I find you very shockingly amazing,” says Britney. Way to keep in tonight’s theme! Even better than that, Simon makes a deal with Freddie that he needs inspiration to stand on his own two feet going forward in this competition. “If you stand, I’m gonna stand right by you,” adds LA and with that Freddie has four yeses.

Okay, so the montage actually shows all the non-talent that they couldn’t squeeze into an hour episode. Some of the performances prompted quotes like this one. “Years ago I sat on two cats and that’s what it sounded like,” says Simon. Bobby House, though, was so bad that they kept his segment a bit longer than the others. After singing something like a chipmunk, Bobby walked backstage topless, throwing things around and ultimately spit on a camera. Demi’s final remarks definitely sum this one up perfectly. She says, “That was like a nosedive with a corkscrew!”

Lauren Jauregui, “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys

Lauren definitely has a nice and rich voice, but I have to say her performance bored me. Does anybody else agree? There have been other contestants who have commanded the stage and held my attention, but this one just didn’t do it.

Aside from what I think, Lauren has the support of all four judges. She scurries down the backstage steps to her family full of emotions. These teenagers are really in it to win it this year.

Jordyn Foley, “Tomorrow” from Annie: The Musical

“I’d like to remind you that tomorrow’s always at hand!” yells an overly excited, and overly coached, Jordyn. I would rather have the 1980s version of Annie, on VHS mind you, set to repeat rather than hear little Jordyn sing again.

“What have you done?” asks Simon and I have to wonder the same exact thing. After being given three yeses, Jordyn’s clan of overly excited pre-teen friends and their mothers all bombard the stage, rushing to Simon’s side to hug the man for giving Jordyn a chance at fame. The only problem is that Simon said no. Awkward.


I knew The X Factor wouldn’t let me down. Every successful and baffling audition seen over the six nights is chopped to bits and stuff in a nice little package for those who probably haven’t been keeping up with the show so far or reading this blog.

Season two has definitely kicked on strongly, showing that Simon Cowell still has that magic touch at bringing the talent out in droves. I have to stand by my previous statements, though, by the number of teenagers who have auditioned. I predict the winner of this year’s competition will be younger than 21 years old. Agree or disagree?

Next week, The X Factor takes to Miami and boot camp begins. All of the acts sent through to the next round will be put through intense rounds of eliminations. So if you think you saw drama before, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Tune back in next Wednesday on FOX to see if your favorites make it or break it.

Jilliane Johnson
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Jilliane Johnson

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