It’s the final set of auditions!

We’ve made it through all the preliminary mumbo jumbo. Yet that doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance to read about it here on BuddyTV! Let’s get to it.

This set of auditions finds the competition in the one city that everyone had in mind… Newark, NJ. I guess NJ has earned more reality television coverage at this point.

The groups, as we all now know, are Girls, Boys, Over 30s, and Groups. It’s pretty sad that the old folk need their own category. What if there is a group of 50 year olds? Where do you put them? Sorry, I digress again…

Brian Bradley had everyone thinking that he wanted to start “beef” with Simon Cowell. He only calls the Brit out as a means of transitioning into his original rap where he tells Simon to “stop looking at [his] mom!” Very cute. The entire arena is on their feet. This is definitely a good way to use one’s arrogance for positive feedback.

Lilianna Rose Andreano, Kelly Warner, Aaron Surgeon among countless others make it to the “You’ve Made it Through” montage! Apparently, these are basically the people that were good, but not quite THAT good (or bad) to where we need to know their back stories.

Andy Silikowitz hardly cares about the record deal or the $5million prize. He just wants a date. Hopefully, most women watching this show don’t have the full ability to hear how horrible Andy sounds. A really great guy, though. Maybe he could be the next Bachelor? A hug from Paula Abdul might help boost his confidence.

Simon and Paula have a severe case of the giggles. Perhaps it has something to do with the act that would follow. She would like to be known as Cashmere, so I’ll refer to her as such. Her performance of “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey is quite sad to watch. This really gets Simon going and the laughter just continues. Cashmere should stick to karaoke where her audience can remain very, very small.

Cari Fletcher
is singing Heart’s “Alone,” which apparently peaks Paula’s interest. “I choreographed them,” she whispers to Simon. How do you choreograph a rock group? Plus, why is this relevant to what is happening in front of you? Why am I repeating it at this very moment? Back to what we’re all here for… Cari gets all four yeses!

Ok, kids! It’s time for the word of the day! Up next are Austin and Emily. Put the two together and you have Aus-em… Ausem! (If said out loud, it sounds like “awesome” a word used in normal dictionaries.) This word has been brought to you by The X Factor, where ridiculousness can lead to being paid millions. Some may argue that Austin is more awesome than Ausem, so Emily should be thanking her lucky stars for her partner. Nicole Scherzinger gives in to Simon’s peer pressure and delivers a yes.

Haven’t we been here before?

The second hour takes us back to all the stops we have already been to in order to showcase the acts that didn’t have a chance within any of the previous 2 hour episodes.

Tora Woloshin
kicks things off to a great start with “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5. She’s spunky, a bit quirky with lots of personality and a love for race cars. Tora could possibly even give Lady Gaga a shock when standing next to her. It looks like they could have one wild and crazy party. Four yeses send her through.

Jor-el Garcia had all the promise in the world when he said he was going to sing “Lucky Star” by Madonna. He starts offstage and everything. With just a glimpse of his arm, the crowd is ready! Then the dancing begins, gyrating included! Unfortunately, those vocals just were not up to par.

Let’s play a game

John Duff or The Stereo Hogzz. Just by the looks of the names, who do you think made it through to the next round?

John Duff says he is the male Katy Perry with some Nicki Minaj and some Ke$ha. Yes, just as strange as it was to read that last line, it was even odder to watch unfold. The Stereo Hogzz use two “z’s” to emphasize their x factors? Whatever that’s about, it works. The youngsters from Houston impress the panel and make it through to Boot Camp.

Brennin Hunt knows he has the x factor, by this he means he has the perfect good looking image needed to be a star. Do the vocals match? If you like that seductive whisper with a musical tone that aims to melt woman after woman into a puddle of mush, then yes, I suppose he can sing. Simon says he would work with Brennin. Just imagine the bachelorettes they could tackle together! He moves on to Boot Camp, too.

Paige Elizabeth Ogle
wants to take Justin Bieber out of the game to make room for her own efforts. Well be my guest, Paige. Her vocals could sure do it! She joins the countless others like The Brewer Boys and Nick Dean on the road to the next round.

Devon Talley has officially ruined RENT for everyone. Singing “Seasons of Love” and forgetting lyrics is quite unforgettable. After the signal from Simon, he continues to keep singing though. After a fade out, Devon is still going. “I was nervous,” is his immediate excuse. He starts to sing again! It was a no the first time, Devon. It’s very much a no right now, too.

Jazzlyn Little
has enough nerves for everyone in the building twice over. Does she need them? No way! Her performance of “I’m Going Down” by Mary J. Blige is a welcome shocker. The shivering 16 year old is definitely one to watch out for. She receives a standing ovation and a well deserved four yeses. She wants more than 500 hits on her YouTube account, I think just might help her out.

Alright, so the auditions are done!

Where do we go from here? Well, Steve Jones is finally of some help. He says it’s time for Boot Camp! Here is where the judges can really tell the good from those who don’t really have what it takes. Each judge will be able to mentor one of the four categories, Girls, Boys, Over 30s and Groups. Tune in next week to see how it all goes down!

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Jilliane Johnson

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