Simon Cowell and crew continue to take America by storm in search of that one super-talented act that has The X Factor.

Steve Jones welcomes viewers to Chicago, IL. Thousands of people stood out in the cold and rain for a chance to see which sweater Simon wore for this third set of auditions. (Surprisingly, it was the grey sweater.)

Moving on to more important business, Cheryl Cole is back … one last time. This is so confusing, but I, for one, am excited! Her accent is just too adorable.

Now We’re Really Moving on to Important Business

Friends, more like besties even though one party is actually in love with the other, Makenna and Brock are up first giving a cutesy blonde duet. Hearing country coming from the Windy City is initially odd, but it could work for them. Plus, the chemistry is obvious, probably what attracts the crowd. They are like totally going to be the couple of the season.

“Get ‘er done!” Skyelor Anderson came out to do just that. His music starts … and then stops. So what does he do? He keeps on truckin’ and finishes the song a capella. Only 16 years old and a first timer to any audition, he wows the judges and soars through.

J. Mark Inman’s performance begins before he even opens his mouth. He has prepared his own backup track to Radiohead’s “Creep” for which he has also created some sort of weirdly entertaining choreography. It’s oddly fitting for his personality, both analytical and creative all at once. J. + X + Factor just may equal $5 million … at least in Monopoly money.

Oops! Editing tricks can’t fool us!

We catch a few glimpses of Nicole Scherzinger before she was announced as being back in the last judge’s seat! I feel sorry for any senior citizens watching the show who 1) don’t know who these women are and 2) don’t understand that it’s two completely different people.

Josh Krajcik may not look like he possesses any X factors. He might resemble your buddy behind the counter at your local comic book store. Don’t let this fool you, though. He has some of those way-deep-down-in-my-soul blues. We may be seeing Josh around for most of the season, at the very least.

The second hour brings the competition to Seattle, WA! Now they’ve let Nicole join the club again, officially. Let’s hope they have “diva-tized” her now official judge chair.

The Good Girls may want to rethink their group name. Singing Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” just seems like a crime committed against the song’s integrity. Nicole tells no lie when she says that it was “lifeless,” among other things, including difficult to listen to.

When it comes to Drew Ryniewicz’s X factor, just forget about the $5 million prize. It’s all about the possibility of one day performing a duet with Justin Bieber! The best part about this, actually, is that Drew’s version of “Baby” sounds ten times better than the original. Even the man who signed the teenage heartthrob, L.A. Reid, agrees!

Peet Montzingo is a cute guy with a touching background story. Being the only average size member of a dwarf family, his personality definitely shines through during his time on stage. Unfortunately his singing abilities were left at home. With a name like Peet, I’m sure we’ll see him on a number of other reality television shows.

4SHORE takes on some giant shoes in an attempt to fill them. Taking on a song written by L.A., “The End of the Road” by Boyz II Men is rejuvenated through these young harmonies. A standing ovation is given at the end by the entire arena and all four judges. They’re in “4shore.”

Also moving on from Seattle is Elaine Gibbs, who brought the house down with her deep, soulful voice. Francesca Duncan, singing Mariah Carey’s “Hero,” joins her with four “yes” votes. Tiger Budbill is brought to tears at the realization that he’ll be moving on, even though it may be without L.A.’s support.

Phillip Lomax has to be something out of a retro yet recently trendy magazine smashup. His take on “Fly Me to the Moon” is most unforgettable. Plus, it seems to help when you mention whatever city you’re in a few times to get the crowd on your side. Yeah, just remind everyone of where they are, works everytime.

Another Random Interjection …

Did anyone notice the crew member that looks like Alex Skarsgard? You know, the guy who plays Eric from HBO’s True Blood. Whoever the guy is, he looks lost while being given instructions from Paula Abdul.

Also, Nicole found a way to make her own interjection during an audition. She sang the same song she did during her Popstars audition, loudly. This is at not at all awkward for anyone who has to follow.

The last contestant of the evening causes quite a stir. Tiah Tolliver brings the tension to the judge’s table. Shontelle’s “Impossible” doesn’t impress Nicole or Paula one bit. Simon’s temper flares and he tosses a balled-up piece of paper! L.A. tells Tiah she better think of a song to change the ladies’ minds. So with another shot, Tiah changes up the tempo just a bit. The audience likes it, the boys like it, and even though Nicole still doesn’t seem to like it, she turns up her nose and finally gives a yes.

Overall, lots of talent pouring in; lots of talent missing. Yet we’re getting closer and closer to finding that one special act worthy of becoming the first winner of The X Factor USA. Tune in tomorrow for another hour of what are sure to be entertaining auditions.

Jilliane Johnson
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Jilliane Johnson

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