Everything is more fun when you have a stake in the game — especially when the “game” is systematically humiliating and disappointing terrible vocalists.

Yes, this is the second and final week of X Factor USA auditions, and at two hours per episode, you may be X-periencing what is commonly known as “completely reasonable human fatigue.” But get ready to feel refreshed and X-hilarated about X Factor auditions, because NOW you can win The X Factor just by sitting at home and watching The X Factor! Sure, the prize is getting to yell “Bingo!”*, not five million dollars, but you can’t put a price on that kind of glory.**

If you’re not quite young or elderly enough to remember how to play Bingo, here’s how it works: Print out this board, then grab your dauber*** or some set of place markers, and mark each box when that X Factor-ism occurs. If you get 5 in a row, you win. It’s so easy, even a Nicole Scherzinger could do it!

Here’s the board:

(Click for the full-sized version)

* Other acceptable things to yell (or make up your own): “X marks the bingo!”; “Smooth bingo, X-lax!”; “XANDER ALEXANDER!”
** Or CAN you? Hold a viewing party and force everyone to throw some cash into the pot. Simon’s gambling on the success of The X Factor, why shouldn’t you?
*** Not this Dauber. This one.
The X Factor continues its auditions tonight from 8-10pm on FOX, and airs its final auditions episode tomorrow, Thursday, September 29, at the same time.

(Images courtesy of FOX)