Another round of close competition for the season 13 competitors marked week 2 of Dancing with the Stars. This week, the stars stayed in a close scoring cluster, making it virtually impossible to tell (from numbers alone anyway) who might face elimination this week.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t try!

Will dancing skill, name recognition or controversial status be the deciding factor this week? I’m not sure, but here are my guesses:

'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2: Elimination Predictions

Most Likely to Go

Carson Kressley (score = 18)
This pick kills me, because I love watching Carson dance and feel like he deserves at least another week or two. Unfortunately, he has one of the lower scores of the week. And DWTS viewers often do not go with the dancer who makes them laugh.

Hope Solo (score = 19)
After a great first week, Hope’s inability to improve in week 2 might hurt her. Plus, she went first. Could Hope’s early promise and having Maks as a partner keep her in? We’ll see.

Elisabetta Canalis (score = 21)
Is improvement enough? Elisabetta easily came off as the most unpleasant star this week (with the most unpleasant partner). And she just looks miserable a lot of the time. Add that to virtually zero name recognition, and even a higher score might not be enough.

Should Go

Chaz Bono
If this were a competition based on dancing alone, Chaz Bono would be out. His scores were honestly kind of on the high side for the performance given, making Chaz the obvious elimination choice. But it probably won’t happen.

Should Be Worried

Chaz Bono (score = 17)
This was the lowest-scored and arguably worst dance of the night. Chaz is trying hard, but he’s not quite making it. On the other hand, Chaz Bono may have the only strong, dedicated fan base on this season of Dancing with the Stars. It’ll be interesting to see how that will play out.

David Arquette (score = 18)
David’s a fun guy who gave a great performance. And people know who he is. This will probably be enough to keep him in, but that’s far from certain, considering the judges’ opinion on David’s jive.

Nancy Grace (score = 21)
Nancy improved a lot, and it seems likely that her excellent week 2 dance will keep Nancy around this week. But do viewers actually want to keep her? It’s hard to say.

Probably Safe… For Now

Chynna Phillips (score = 21)
The judges were awfully harsh on Chynna, considering that most of the criticism centered around how she wasn’t as perfect as they expected. But her scores were still good, and the dance was lovely. Chynna should be fine.

Rob Kardashian (score = 21)
Who knew Rob had it in him? An excellent and fun dance like Rob’s jive should be plenty to keep him around.

Kristin Cavallari (score = 22)
She’s still not very interesting, but you can’t accuse Kristin of being a bad dancer. Her Marilyn stylings probably won’t hurt anything either.

J.R. Martinez (score = 22)
Another week, another excellent and charming dance. Len may have disliked the lack of full-on jive, but who in the audience cares about that?

Ricki Lake (score = 23)
With a second week of good dancing and the highest score of the week, of course Ricki will make it through.

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Which star will be eliminated in week 2? Which should be eliminated? Who will be sticking around for awhile? Let us know your thoughts and opinions below!

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