It is a marvelous time in the world of reality TV: Bravo is airing not one, but two Real Housewives reunion specials at the same time. And if the reunions don’t exist merely for the cast members to re-hash a season’s worth of drama with screeching and name-calling, they exist for the ladies to try to out-glam each other. But sometimes, the ladies miss the mark. Let’s take a look at some of our least favorite reunion looks through the years.

#8 Adrienne Maloof, Beverly Hills

Adrienne’s gaudy style may have been called into question throughout the season, but she topped all of her other looks with this ombre cape number. Was she planning on swooping in and saving the damsel Andy Cohen from the evil villain or was she just jealous of Kyle Richards’ glorious hair cape?

#7 Tamra Barney, Orange County

Nothing says ‘try hard’ like a bee-hive wig that looks like it weighs more than you do. At least Tamra had a sense of humor about her regretful look, tweeting that she looked like a fembot with Toddlers and Tiaras hair at the season 7 reunion.

#6 Alex McCord, New York City

We can’t decide what we dislike more about Alex’s season 4 reunion situation: the droopiness of the whole boob area, Alex’s trademark nude lip and dark eye makeup or her bedraggled hair. Judging by Sonja’s reaction, she is clearly on the same page with us.

#5 Sheree Whitfield, Atlanta

Sheree has arguably one of the best bodies of all of the housewives, which is why it is such a mystery that she cannot get it together when it comes to reunion looks. For the season 4 reunion, she wore a boring beige frock that rouged strangely at her chest, making the girls look lumpy. And at the season 3 reunion, she showed up with this Chaka Khan hair and pageant gown with leggings. It looks like we found the real reason she was fired.

#4 Caroline Manzo, New Jersey

Back in the first season of RHONJ, Caroline already stood out for not having a fake tan or fake hair or fake “bubbies” like the rest of her cast. But her pink belted dress she wore to the reunion did her no favors with either her top or bottom half, and merely washed out her pale skin. Not to mention her hair, which she admits herself was a little terrible.

Caroline Manzo, New Jersey

#3 Cast, Atlanta

Okay, so we do realize that the whole Real Housewives reunion special was still a new phenomenon at the time of the season 1 reunion, but come on ladies, you were still being filmed! Only Sheree Whitfield bothered to wear a dress without leggings, but even that was (gasp) ankle-length. Would it have killed you to show a little skin — you are from Atlanta after all. Speaking of which…

#2 Kandi Burruss, Atlanta

Though this kills us to say, because Kandi is one of our faves, girl was showing a little too much skin at the season 4 reunion, and her cleavage just looked weird. And despite rockin’ the long straight weave with a cute bang, her visible undergarments made this look a total no-no.

#1 Ramona Singer, New York City

Usually, Ramona falls into a more neutral category when it comes to fashion; she doesn’t necessarily make bold choices, but she tends to pull off the generic strapless satin dress anyway. On last night’s season 5 reunion, she stood out for the worse in royal blue pleather with matching eye shadow and the Heart of the Ocean pendant. Maybe she should have taken some fashion advice from Heather Thomson after all.

Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV