The Whispers continues its fast-paced storytelling with the focus on the grown-ups and their plot to kill Drill in “Darkest Fears.” Note to our main players — you better make darn sure to succeed in your seek-and-destroy plan because there’s nothing like the wrath of an alien scorned. The possession storyline also continues in this one as a new child comes to the forefront in Drill’s playground.

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Another Drill Recruit

We meet a new child of Drill, Nicholas, but this one isn’t a willing participant at first. The little one is creeped-out by this “ghost” until it helps him ward off some bullies. “What’d you say your name is?” Nicholas asks after Drill zaps one of the boys giving him a beat down. 

Nicholas is all in, stealing something from his dad’s safe and meeting up with Drill at night. The alien’s a no-show, but the bullies are there telling the boy that they’re part of Drill’s army. They send Nicholas on a Drill mission that shows just how smart this alien is.

Setting a Drill Trap

With their children in danger, Claire and Wes set up a Drill trap in an effort to drain the alien being of all its energy. Their sense of urgency reaches an all-time high as Drill contacts Minx again, saying he wants her to make him a new friend. 

“He needed to play with his new friend now ’cause he’s running out of time,” she tells her dad. 

Wes finds out that Drill is fading fast, “celery chewing” in our environment. He’s expending more energy in our atmosphere than he’s getting. 

Claire comes up with the idea of causing a managed city blackout, forcing Drill to an abandoned building by the water. The president agrees to the plan. What could go wrong?

Cruise Time

Lena has a plan of her own. She’s taking Minx and heading off for some Carnival fun time. Her rationale? There aren’t any power lines on a cruise ship. 

“That’s a great plan!” Wes says, looking a little surprised that Lena came up with this all on her own. Don’t get too excited, big guy. They’re not on that ship just yet.

At the airport, their flight’s delayed and they hear about the blackout. 

Lena says, “We need to find your dad.” Wait, so they’re not going? 

Nope. They search for a ride back to the city, but it looks like they’re stuck. A nice older man says he can give them a lift. Lena didn’t get the memo on talking to strangers and hops in. He asks questions about Wes, eventually dropping the mom and daughter off at home. Surprisingly, he’s not a serial killer and leaves.   

They Almost Pulled a McDreamy

In a scene out of Grey’s-land, Sean and Henry are involved in a scary car accident during the blackout. Sean comes to just fine, but Henry is pinned.

The Whispers doesn’t go full Shonda, and Henry makes it out alive. A stranger comes from the shadows to help out. Sean later says that when you really need help, someone is sure to lend a hand. 

Drill is Trapped

The blackout actually works! Wes and Claire trap Drill in the building and are ready to watch the thing lose all of its energy. Just when you think you can score one for the good guys, Drill takes the upper hand by bringing a guest to the building. Nicholas! The boy leads them to a room where Drill talks to Wes and Claire through Nicholas. He threatens Henry, telling the pair that they are too busy to love their own kids.

That’s when things get really creepy. Drill does the whole possession thing, consuming Nicholas as Wes and Claire watch. 

Secretary Frommer and the president are getting a play by play from their operatives. Frommer insists that they need to kill Nicholas to destroy Drill. The president doesn’t go for it, opening up the grid so Drill can escape. Wait, I thought it was established that this is the only way Drill can be killed? We knew this was going to happen; we just weren’t sure who the unfortunate child would be. 

Wes is furious, saying, “This is not over … mark my words, you will never win!” Threatening Drill like that is not advisable, and poor Wes is going to pay dearly.

Frommer cryptically tells the president he made the wrong call and now “it’s on you.” A ticked-off Drill isn’t anything anyone wants to see.

Paying the Piper (or Alien)

You knew that Drill would not go quietly into that good night. He is one angry alien and gets his revenge in the form of one of the adults. 

Lena calls Wes to say she changed her mind, and surprise, they’re home! Wes is thrilled (?) and says he’s on his way.

We see Lena heading into the kitchen, the high-tech fridge leaking water and the digital screen freaking out. As she steps onto a wet spot, she’s electrocuted. To death! Wes comes home, finding Minx staring at the lights on the porch, not talking, looking traumatized.

In one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the series, Wes holds her, crying and trying to will her back to life. Rough times are ahead for our hero. Claire has reconnected with Sean, as in they’re sleeping in the same bed, back to being a married couple. Minx looks like she’s ready to reconnect with Drill by the way she’s staring at those lights. And now a new plan to kill Drill will have to be initiated. All this and only three more episodes left! The Whispers seems up for the challenge.

The Whispers airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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