It seems the swift decisions that Joss and Karen made this season are coming back to bite them in “Unreliable Witness.” The investigation into Luca’s murder heats up, but does Joss really stand a chance to Calista’s power and money? Karen actually seems okay with her breakup with Vivian and Alec, but what will her carelessness cost her? Meanwhile, April takes her relationship to the next level with Blair and doesn’t seem too concerned that Lucy doesn’t like him. And Mark goes on a few benders before Harry sets him straight.

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Joss Is No Match Against Calista

After seeing a handful of lawyers, Joss settles for a man named David. He seems smart and actually cares about protecting her and clearing her name. Before heading in for questioning, he just asks that she tell the truth, even if the police ask the same questions over and over again. During questioning though, the investigation leads to the gardener Carlos and the basement where the power was cut. David cuts the questioning off and seems concerned about where it was headed. He later calls Joss and asks why she lied about never being in the basement of Calista’s home. (Turns out, police found her prints on the doorknob.) Joss explains that she was opening the door for the tech guy who was setting up the cameras in Calista’s bedroom.

Concerned about looking guilty, Joss does some digging on Calista by “Googling” her real name, “Carla Rizzoti.” She tracks down Calista’s ex-mother-in-law. The woman believes that Calista killed her son because he was getting in the way of Calista’s career. Though nothing was ever proven. Joss brings the new information to David.

Meanwhile, Calista’s lawyer suspects Joss despite Calista’s assurance that Joss is her friend. However, when news hits that Joss was snooping around Calista’s past, Calista basically declares war. She heads to the police on her own, tells the investigator that Joss has been obsessed with her. Later, the police place Joss under arrest in the murder of Luca.

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Carelessness Could Lead to Forever

Karen is throwing herself into protecting and helping Joss in order to avoid thinking about her breakup. She admits that she always sort of knew it wasn’t meant to last, but she’s still in mourning. After speaking to her priest, she decides to seek some medical help to calm her anxiety.

During routine questioning before prescribing medication, the doctor asks if there’s a chance she could be pregnant. Karen assures her that she’s not because she’s on “the pill,” however, she freaks out when she realizes that she’s missed a couple doses.

Looks like that threesome that Karen so carelessly jumped into is about to be a foursome.

Nice Guy Blair

Looks like I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Blair. Turns out, Lucy doesn’t like him either,  but I’m getting ahead of myself.

April makes a point to tell Mark that she’s going to have Blair over because Lucy is at a sleepover. You can tell Mark doesn’t really care at this point because he’s off the wagon, but he doesn’t let on to April. She wouldn’t notice anyway because she’s in la la land with Blair. The pair end up sleeping together, but at his place instead. She gets a little freaked out because he still has a photo of his dead wife on the bedroom wall. He also informs her that she’s the first woman he’s brought into his bed since his wife passed, but she’s not the first person he’s slept with since then.

The next day, he brings her flowers and says he took down the photo. He says he doesn’t know how she feels, but he can see her and Lucy in his next chapter. You can tell this freaks April out a little bit, but she just goes with it. She tells the girls later that she’s happy to be in a relationship with a normal guy who doesn’t come with drama. She’s not very convincing though. The girls ask how Lucy feels about Blair, and April admits she doesn’t know. When she asks Lucy about Blair, Lucy flat out tells April she doesn’t like him. April seems to take this news with a grain of salt though, because she invites Blair over that night anyway.

I find it amazing that April tried so hard to win Lucy’s affection back and now that she has it, she’s going to throw it away again because of weirdo Blair.

Off the Wagon

Mark goes on a little bender when Harry gave him a beer after his one-night stand. When he shows up for work drunk, Harry sends him over and later fires him. He has a change of heart when Mark confesses that he’s been sober, and that beer was the first drink he’d had in three years. Harry feels terrible and when Mark sobers up, Harry offers his help. He gives him his job back, but not at the bar. He also urges Mark to call his sponsor and go back to AA meetings.

Fixing Things

It seems we’ve reached the climax of this third season of Mistresses. I hope that everything gets resolved in the next few weeks, because I want to see everyone happy. I hate that Calista set Joss up for Luca’s murder. I don’t necessarily think that Calista murdered Luca,  (though she probably did), but we all know it wasn’t Joss. It’s a shame that Joss’ very relaxed and carefree attitude has worked against her this season. First, her decision to stay with Harry blew up and cost her her relationship with Savi. And now, someone who she thought was a new good friend is out to ruin her. All Joss wants to do is tell the truth, but Calista clearly has other plans.

Poor Karen. You would think someone who had a health scare with an STD would know better and wear protection. Especially if she’s having a threesome. Granted Vivian and Alec are married and are most likely clean, not wearing protection puts them at risk because they know nothing about Karen. Not to mention getting pregnant, which she now is. I have this weird feeling that Vivian and Alec will be thrilled, since Vivian might not be able to have children. This I don’t know for certain, but I can only make an educated guess.

And April just needs to wise up, take off her blinders and get with Mark already!

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