The Walking Dead has taken an interesting approach to storytelling in season 7 with each episode focusing on one group and one location. Despite that approach, Negan has appeared intermittently throughout the season. “Service” was the first time, though, that Negan was back with Rick since the season premiere. As such there were plenty of long snarky (and profanity-laden) monologues by Negan that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan clearly loves to deliver. Here are 13 of the most terrifying Negan quotes from “Service.”

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“Oh, you better be jokin’. Negan, Lucille. I know I had to make a pretty strong first impression.”

Negan introducing himself (and his bat) to Spencer

“I missed you.”

Negan seeing Rick again

“You don’t look at him, you don’t talk to him, and I don’t make you chop anything off of him.”

Negan about Daryl

“Widows, especially ones that look like that … they … are special. I love ’em. Right after their husbands go, they are just … empty inside. But usually not for long.”

Negan about Maggie

“Hooooly crap! You are creepy as sh*t, sneaking up on me, wearin’ that collar with that freaky-ass smile.”

Negan seeing Father Gabriel for the first time

“Well, pardon me, young man. Excuse the sh*t out of my goddamn French, but … did you just threaten me? Look, I get threatening Davey here, but I can’t have it. Not him, not me.”

Negan to Carl

“You know, Rick, this whole thing reminds me that you have a lot of guns. There’s all the guns you took from my outpost when you wasted all my people with a sh*t-ton of your own guns, and I’m bettin’ there’s even more, which adds up to an absolute … ass-load of guns, and as this little emotional outburst just made crystal clear … I can’t allow that. They’re all mine now. So tell me, Rick — where are my guns?”

Negan taking all of Alexandria’s weapons

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“While they’re at it, I just want to point out to you that I’m not taking a scrap of your food. Slim pickin’s in here. And I can’t be the only one to notice that you got a fat lady in charge of keeping track of rations, can I?”

Negan to Rick as the Saviors take the guns

“I don’t enjoy killing women. Men — I can waste them all the live long.”

Negan threatening to kill Olivia

“Well, would you look at that? They were here after all. Funny how a little ‘Holy sh*t! Somebody’s gonna die!’ lights a fire under everybody’s ass!”

Negan after Rick finds the missing guns

“See, you need to get everybody on board. Everybody. Or … we just go right back to square one.”

Negan to Rick

“Earn for me. Because we’re coming back soon, and when we do, you better have something interesting for us, or Lucille, she’s gonna have her way. I want you to hear that again. If you don’t have something interesting for us … somebody’s gonna die.”

Negan to Rick

“You didn’t think I was gonna leave Lucille, did ya? I mean, after what she did, why would you want ‘er?”

 Negan taking back Lucille from Rick

But what do you think? What were some of your favorite and creepiest Negan quotes from “Service?” Has Negan truly broken Rick now? Did you enjoy the Saviors taking everything they wanted from Rick? Were you surprised how much Negan took? Are you still enjoying Negan as a villain?

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