How will Snow and Prince Charming make do with being apart? Or, rather, under the Evil Queen’s spell while the other is awake? They’ve been apart before on Once Upon a Time, so surely they will be able to weather this spell.

In this episode, “I’ll Be Your Mirror,” Snow and Charming are doing the best they can to cope. Emma and Regina’s plan to trap the Evil Queen backfires, as the Queen looks for a way to start a new beginning with Henry. And Belle seeks out Zelena’s help to try and get out of Storybrooke.

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Mirror Mirror

As Snow and Charming leaves notes and videos to each other, as one wakes and the other sleeps, Regina feels guilty about the spell. She feels it’s her fault that the Evil Queen even exists, which — let’s face it — is her fault. Regina wants to just get rid of the Queen once and for all, but Emma won’t let her, knowing that Regina will just have to hurt herself to hurt the Queen.

Regina heads to her vault, where she figures out a way to trap the Queen. She tells Emma that she will enchant a mirror to trap the Queen behind it. Henry suggests that they use him as bait, as the Queen is always looking for ways to bond with him. Except on the beach where they meet, the Queen is yet again one step ahead of them. After Henry leaves, the Queen somehow swaps the mirrors, and she traps Emma and Regina behind one instead.

A New Beginning?

Meanwhile, after she traps the pair behind the mirror, the Queen disguises herself as Regina and heads to the loft to get Henry ready for his school dance. No one realizes it’s the Queen, and she makes them all believe that the enchanted mirror trick worked. She then heads to see Rumple to get a magic hammer. She tells him she’s going to use it to get Henry on her side. She wants a new beginning with Henry.

Rumple warns her that villains don’t get happy endings. He also warns her that love is a weakness. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by any of that.

Trapped in a Prism

Emma and Regina wake up in a prism, stuck in a world full of one-way mirrors. They can see into anywhere in Storybrooke, but no one can see them. They search for the mirror with Henry, in the hope that he’ll realize they are gone. However, when they find it, just as they think they are getting through to him, the Queen shows up as fake Regina. She gives Henry another pep talk about rising up and becoming the prince and king that he deserves to be. The ladies witness this and freak out. But Henry realizes, through the pep talk, that it’s the Queen.

Henry heads to Regina’s vault to get to her mirror to try and save them. The Queen shows up to let him know it won’t work. Meanwhile, in the prism, the Dragon from New York shows up, claiming that the Queen trapped him in there after he wouldn’t help her. He tells Regina and Emma that there might be a way out, through a broken mirror that they’ll need to put back together.

Inside the vault, the Queen takes out a heart and speaks into it. It’s the heart of the Dragon, and she uses it as a way to speak to Regina and Emma. Then she turns the Dragon into an actual dragon. Henry watches in horror as the dragon attacks his moms. The Queen tells him that if he destroys the heart with the hammer, he can save his moms. He won’t do it, saying he’ll never go to the dark side. Instead, he breaks the mirror just as the dragon breathes fire on it. This is enough to allow Regina and Emma to come back through and be saved.

The Queen, of course, vows to keep trying to win Henry over and destroy everyone else.

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Getting Out of Storybrooke

Meanwhile, Belle is looking for a way to get away from Rumple. She seeks out help from Zelena, who she knows is upset that Rumple and her sister are together now. Zelena says she can’t help Belle get out of Storybrooke without Rumple’s magic wand. So they seek out Aladdin, who is the best thief in town.

Aladdin successfully takes the wand, along with a magic lamp, which he gives to Jasmine. He hopes that whoever is inside — and it’s not the Genie, according to Aladdin — will be able to help Jasmine find Agrabah.

Once Zelena gets her hand on the wand, though, Rumple shows up before she can use it. He slaps a bracelet on Belle so that he’ll always know where she is. She says that next time, she’ll just leave and he won’t be able to find her. Of course, he threatens back, saying he’ll be with his son no matter what. Zelena tries to intervene, but Rumple tries to choke her. However, he immediately has a heart attack. Zelena explains that since she saved his life in New York a few years back, they are bound together, and whatever happens to her will happen to him.

A New Team

Back at his shop, Rumple is thinking of a way to keep Belle and his child in Storybrooke. The Queen shows up, and he asks how far she’s willing to go for her new beginning. She, of course, says she’ll do anything. He says he has a way for them to both get their happy ending and that they can be a team to achieve it. Except for the first order of business — he wants the Queen to kill Zelena.

Will It Work?

Will Rumple’s plan to be with his son work? I like it better when Rumple isn’t so evil on Once Upon a Time. He and Belle are so good together, but he always falls to the dark side. And now he’s got the Evil Queen around to help him with his dirty work. They seem to make a great pair, as they use each other to get ahead. But how far will they actually go to get their happy endings? Or will good prevail, as it always does?

And how long can Snow and Charming last as one sleeps while the other is awake? The notes and videos can only be a toll on their relationship.

I like that Henry saved the day this time. He seems to be key to everything that the Queen wants, so it will be interesting to see his struggle.

And I’m curious to see if they will continue with this Aladdin storyline. I thought they had wrapped it up, but I’m glad that they are introducing the magic lamp. I’m wondering if whatever comes out will be good or evil. Or perhaps both?

What did you think of “I’ll Be Your Mirror”? Are you getting tired of the good versus evil over and over? Do you think the Evil Queen and Rumple will get their new beginning or happy ending? Will Snow and Charming ever break the Queen’s curse? Let us know in the comments section below.

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